Why do Twilight and Harry Potter fans always compete against each other?

I don’t understand why Twilight and Harry Potter fans compete.I mean the authors are very different. The stories are TOTALLY different. Sure both series are extremely famous in there own way..but so is Lord of the rings and many other series.

I mean they are not both about vampires. Or witches. They are…

I agree with you.
I love Twilight and Harry Potter!
Every book has something someone doesn’t like about and I don’t think that everyone who is a fan of that book should get all defensive about it if someone says something they don’t like about it. People and books are alike in a lot of ways! There is no two the same and they all have there flaws.
I think this stupid “feud” should stop. You can be a fan of Twilight or Harry Potter or both. And just because one person comments about something they don’t like shouldn’t get every fans undies in a bunch! I mean for real, grow up!! I love coming on here and answering question that have to do with something I love(books/reading) but it just pisses me off when there is like 10 questions saying something along the lines of “Who hates Twilight?!” “Harry Potter is stupid and the worst book ever!” those aren’t even questions, they’re OPINIONS!

You kind of answered your own question with your extra statement. I’m a super nerd who loves harry potter and kind of got grossed out at how many times they sniffed each other in the first twilight book. My friend and I are the same way, I’m Harry potter and she’s twilight, were good friends, but we just don’t talk about it, thus, we get along awesomely. Everybody who sides with one of the books secretly says that the other sucks and those who read them are yaggleboppidy. But most of us just don’t talk about it. There are those that say it aloud, though, and that’s the only reason we have war over it.

Because the Harry Potter fans get annoyed because Twilight is called “The New Harry Potter”. Then they insult the Twilight fans and it just starts a vicious circle.

I think it’s stupid how much they’re being compared too. Its just because both series were very popular, and people wanted to see which one was better. But i think Harry Potter was better written and had a more creative and interesting plot than twilight. Twilight was just plain okay.

Well, to be honest, I kinda like the arguing. I find it fun.
Defending something I believe in seems to be an okay way to waste my not so busy days.
Besides, Harry Potter REALLY is better than Twilight.
Way better.

did you not read the community guidelines? this is not a chat room i.e. no venting, …
ps. Twilight stole the date for the harry film to come out and we had 2 wait another half a year.plus the vampire movie sucked so the stolen release date was totally unnecessary. at least i think that’s why there’s a feud

its not immature, whats annoying is everyone getting all excited about twilight. It isn’t written very well and is a poor excuse to get people to read. HP actually has depth and character yet people tend to look past that now-a-days. HP is better and twilight fans get angry about it…

Its because Harry Potter was way better. No cliche romance and cruddy vampires, and their movies got decent actors. Where as twilight… well…

Twilight is crap.

At least the HP books make okay films. The Twilight crap doesn’t.

Because people need something to argue about.

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