I was doing some research on the net, i was shocked to find that Mexico has a very high human development index and is nearly upper middle income country(close to becoming a rich country) but still then they have a drug war whose toll is higher than Afghanistan war and people are dying to migrate to US,why is that?

Mexico is not a third world country, but it is not a ‘first world’ country either.

The drug violence is unprecedented. But we saw the same thing on a much smaller scale in the US in the Early 80’s. Cartels and syndicates became powerful and thought they had control to go about their mayhem with impunity. But in the end it will be bad for Business, because no government or citizenry will put up with it. Mexico will prevail of the drug lords, but it could get worse before it gets better.

But from my point of view, the right wing of the US wants us to become Mexico. They want to dismantle Public education, social security, medicare and the social safety net. They want to put an end to most public infrastructure, business regulation, and sharply reduce local governance and law enforcement. Show me a town with no code enforcement and not enough cops in the street, and I will show you a town that makes ‘Potterville’ from It’s a ‘Wonderful Life’ look like a bucolic paradise. The right does not understand that these government funded investments in human capital, infrastructure, standards and rule of law are the only reason they were able to attain the wealth they have. Yet they want to use that wealth and the power it gives them to end they very society that delivered to them their success on a silver platter. Florida’s governor elect Rick Scott is the poster child for this insane thinking.

Mexico is a third world country but that is irrelevant to the rest of your question. Look up what a third world country actually is. As to why people flee by the thousands it is because mexico is a **** hole

properly for one third international isnt a politically suggestions-blowing term. It refers to international locations that did no longer take part in international conflict 2, via fact they have been the two independent or no longer able to battling a conflict. Now it is greater suggestions-blowing to declare “springing up usa.” to answer your question from the third international perspective. definite, Mexico is technically a third international usa because it did no longer take part in WW2. to answer it from “springing up usa” perspective. No, Mexico is definitely an industrialized and modernized usa. they have large cities like the U. S. and stay hardship-free western lives. although there are problems with drug cartels and poverty in outerlying villages. That lead human beings to attempt to get to usa in hopes of a greater robust existence.

They still have a tremendous amount of poverty. They send us their poor, who send American Dollars to Mexico, further helping the economy overall.

They are undergoing change, but have a big history of problems and those are going to take generations to go away.

The drug war is largely because Americans use drugs and Mexicans “pay” many of the costs.

Mexico has a very corrupt government.



US has 3rd world nation US border.

do you want US to become 3rd world or 4th world nation.

That’s why we must stop illegal aliens NOW, or we will be a 3rd world nation soon.

They have poor education, they don’t have capitalism and don’t make much. The only rich people are the Drug Cartels and they are taking over cities and killing all the police. Kinda like whats happening to America. We are that path- 3rd nation.

corruption and a social services system that doesn’t really work…

People live in fear

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