Would you get your Boyfriends/ Girlfriends ; Wife/ Husbands name tattooed on you?

Remember tattoos are permanent, do you have enough faith in your relationship to get there name tattooed on you? Why or why not?

Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with faith in a relationship. Being heavily tattooed and pretty submerged in that subculture I have seen a lot. All my tattoos are beautiful original art REPRESENTING the significant people in my life, my grandmother, my deceased son, my ex-husband, and my current boyfriend, etc… You can represent or show your respect without putting a name on you. All relationships end at some point, whether it be by choice, death, or change in circumstances and unless you want to cause some unwanted feelings from someone else that may come into your life go ahead and put a name there. If you have any tats now, you know that you are constantly explaining what they mean, why you got them or whatever else that people comment on daily. Inking a name into your skin does not signify your love…it only represents your need to belong to someone or to show that you are significant enough that there is a person with a name that you can claim. However it is a personal choice, but I know of artists who will not put a name on someone unless it is a child, mother, father, grandparent or deceased friend because they do not want their work to ever need a cover up. Be kind to the future of the art you put on your body and honor your loved ones with real art…not words…if you want to show that you are owned…get a collar…at least you can take that off.

I have a friends name tattoed on me so probably yes, but it would have to be a long time gf not some spur of the moment thing

No … and it has nothing to do with faith in the relationship. I just don’t care for them.

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