Would you support a reform of the U.S. tax code which features a flat federal income tax for every American?

…….Regardless of income level. Say 17%………Why or why not?

YES! YES! YES! If you apply it across the board, include businesses, leave out “credits, deductions, and exceptions”, we could actually have rates as low as 7 or 8%! Look at the GNP even when we are slow; 8 % of that is a nice chunk of change. Added bonus: everybody pays the same equal rate.

A flat tax is okay on the out-bound side. A federal sales tax would be really cool. that way, tourists would pay some of the load too.They won’t stop coming. If you planned to go see Big Ben and the London Bridge, would you say no because of a 10 percent sales tax? I doubt it.

The Progressive tax is not such a bad thing. If I made a ton of money, I do not think that I would resent paying a little more.

What is wrong is that SO many people pay NOTHING and the top echelon pay WAY TOO MUCH!

And WAY TOO MANY people get refunds that are LARGER than what the had withheld.

The tax laws have way too many exceptions to the rules and it needs to be simplified. I do not think tha a young man or woman who make minimum wage and have two kids should be asked to pay taxes, but they should NOT get a refund that is MORE than what was withheld……That is a welfare payment.

I believe that in no case should the Federal Govt issue a refund that is greater than the withholding. if a person needs assistance then they need to apply to their state for it.

I think 17% is a little high. We need to curtail government spending to be able to operate with a 10% flat tax, and, if everyone paid it it would be enough.

I think the first thing we need to do is get our individual state legislatures to demand a Constitutional convention for the purpose of repealing the 16th amendment.

Then I would be more in favor of the “Fair Tax” which has been before Congress for two or three years now. See www.fairtax.org for details.

With a consumption tax, and no IRS a big part of the budget goes away. That part which is spent in enforcement of an unenforcable tax code that, like the stimu less bill, has never been read cover to cover. In part because if you started at 18 you would die of old age before you could read it all, even with Evelyn Woods help.

Yes! A flat tax would give everybody the same footing. By imposing a flat tax without all the gibberish that is in the tax code, one could figure out what in deductible and what is not. Actually if they set a flat tax of 10% with no deductions of any kind it would be better and simpler.
I’m not religious but in the Bible it states that a person owes 10% (a tithe) of all increase, to the church, God or whatever. I don’t see that the government should get more than God.

So Warren Buffett contributed over 8 million in tax money while the receptionist contributed 18 thousand. Buffett contributes so much to charity and endowments his tax rate is much lower. He probably pays more than 30 percent of his income just a lto of that is to charities not in tax money.

That would be better than what we have now but I think that it could be more like 11-13%. I would rather the IRS be rid of and a federal sales tax be added. Yes, I am in favour of the Fair Tax. The name really does say it all. Since everyone blows all of their money, the Fed wouldn’t suffer and we wouldn’t need that ridiculous fraud/branch of the government to exist any longer.

Yes, as long as there are no deductions. Everyone pays the same percentage regardless of whether they choose to buy a home, or choose to have a dozen children, or choose to marry. That would be fair.

Would we still have gas taxes, cigarette taxes, capital gains taxes, or inheritance taxes too? Or would these be eliminated? I would want all other hidden taxes and “fees” eliminated. Would we still have to pay for Social Security and Medicare?

The lowest tax rate that the working poor today pay is 10%. So a flat tax of 17% would be a 70% increase in taxes to the poorest working Americans. This would destroy the working poor. But a 10% flat tax would not bring in the same amount of money that we are now collecting. And already running in the red, we can not afford to collect less in taxes than we are now. So we need some gradation in the tax system.

I would definitely support a flat tax because it’s fair. Why should ANY group arbitrarily be singled out and discriminated against based on whatever criterea??? What if only blacks, women, gays, etc had to pay higher taxes based on those reasons-would that be acceptable? Of course not.

I have always been in favor of a flat tax or a Fair Tax.

However, with the idiots we have in Washington right now, I hope the issue does not come up at this time. There is not telling what we could end up with. They could implement something like 40% because they are so out of touch with the people they represent.

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