WWE Diva of the Decade….who you think deserves it?

Ok from 2000-2010……..tell me which WWE diva should deserve diva of the decade…

I’m talking about who existed from 2000-2009 ….it’s almost ten years…….

and so in my opinion is that Mickie James is th WWE diva of the decade

in my opinion…she is dedicated, determined, very athletic, so…

Trish Stratus. 7-time Women’s Champion!

Either Lita chyna or mickie james.
All three of them are great in the ring have many fans and always put on exciting matches. They have talent and so much charisma. Lita and chyna were VERY over with the crowd. And not for looks but because of what they did. Mickie today and before was one of the most charismatic divas.
They all have/had so much dedication for the business and provided fans with entertainement.
It was so stupid when trish one the wwe diva of the decade when she didnt even do anything. That in my opinion was a stupid move by the wwe aswell as making her a 7 time womens champion.
Lita especially took so much crap from the fans and came back after so many injuries. That is dedication.

Trish Stratus deserves the Diva of the Decade award. She is the greatest WWE Diva of all time. In the few years she was with the WWE she helped change Women’s wrestling for the better. She modernized and era. She went from valet, to one of the most loved Divas of all time. Plus she always delivered 100% Stratusfaction!

i think of CHYNA merits It I advise the place became into The final Time U observed a woman Wrestler Being The Intercontinental Champion..HUH..tell Me?! The the sole clarification why Wasn’t Named WWE Diva Of the last decade Award Is as a results of fact She have been given Screwed by using Vince’s family .i do no longer likely comprehend the story yet What i comprehend Is That CHYNA merits It extra Then every person Else in this industry.She Fought In the two men’s and lady’s branch.Who became into the subsequent woman combat interior the boys’s branch….NO physique…yet Chyna. i like You Chyna From the backside Of My coronary heart. easily TNA i’m bored with Seeing John Cena triumphing for all time And somewhat Midget working around Like i do no longer comprehend What. BQ2-of course Bret Hart is conscious a thank you to shield employer.while in comparison with the different customer Host Which became into easily Ridiculous. BQ3-uninteresting BQ4-i might hearth Kelly as a results of fact She Has No skills.I advise She in no way meant To Be usual as A Champion yet Eye candy.Maria She a watch candy additionally yet I style of expertise Like She Has something In Her that could perhaps provoke Us somewhat.

The only Diva to make an impact in WWE, the past ten years (and the entire ten years, almost)….Mickie James! Hands down!

Im surprised people didn’t choose Chyna. I also think Lita deserves it too. There’s a HUGE tie between them and even though Chyna would destroy Lita, I still think Lita deserves Diva of the Decade. Chyna was a very strong woman, who was in the ORIGINAL D-Generation X. She was hardcore and she had a great finisher. She was known to have matches against men and kick their asses. She was the first and Only Female Intercontinental Champion in WWE History. Now we go to Lita. The Rockin’ Redhead. Wow, My FAVORITE Diva of all time. Well IMO, she managed the Hardy Boyz and (In my Opinion) Carried the Hardy Boyz. She was known to have 3 beautiful finishers, Twist Of Fate, DDT, and The Moonsault. Trish Stratus vs Lita was the FIRST AND ONLY Diva’s match that Main evented a Raw. In that match she took a HUGE neck Spike doing a Suicide dive. But yet? She still CONTINUED THE MATCH and She won at that. She’s a multiple time Women’s champion. It’s impossible not to like Lita. Her return would be greatly appreciated by the Marks, The WWE fans, the IWC and everyone Else. That’s why they were the best Divas of the decade to me 🙂

Mickie James
best womens champion
best divas champion
1st women to win womens championship at Wrestlmania
2nd diva to hold womens and divas belt
1x divas champ
4x womens champ
2nd diva to hold the miost titles after trish (womens and divas)
PWI female of the year 2009


4x womens champion
women legend
first diva to be in a steel cage match
known worldwide for her moves
one of the BEST divas WWE has ever had!
best manager for a team (The Hardyz)
overall she is AwEsOmE

Both deserve it so either Lita or Mickie James

MIckie James

i think mickie james deserves it because she has made one of the biggest impacts in wwe womens history since lita. mickie james debuted in the wwe in 2005 and she has always been over with the corwd. so charismatic,so dedicated and thats what fans seen in her to like her so much. im not really a big mickie james fan but she is one of the best female wrestlers ever and the most dedicated. mickie james even as a heel got so much crowd support. its just the things she does in the ring. she is so entertaining and very good to watch. mickie james is one of the natural wwe divas. she doesnt get cheers because of her looks alone. she gets cheers because she is like an idol and she is the centerpiece of the womens division today.

everyone knows that the wwe womens division is on thin ice and its been that way for a really lonng time but mickie james seems to be one of the few divas to keep the womens division up. mickie james seems to be in the main feuds and does a damn good job in them. mickie james also seems to be the only diva to get cheers today also. mickie james definitely deserves to be diva of the decade. im not even a fan of her and im saying it.

Rosa Mendes. is the diva of the decade because i have seen her and she is talented and i bet she could defeat Mickie James and Melina.

word to the wise

Mickie James deserved it,you described everything that makes her diva of the decade without question.

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