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Ok so hi
I’m 15 y/o and I don’t know if I’m bi or not some times I think I am other times I don’t some times I’m shure and other times I think I’m the farthest thing from it …
I have day dreams witch I’m with the same sex and I also have day dreams about the oppist sex!!!

one time I saw this girl and I was…

Sounds to me like you’re just very open minded. If you click with someone, what’s in their pants won’t change it. So yep, you sound bi to me. Good for you for not being close minded.

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Sweetie, only you can search your heart and know the answer to this. Sometimes young teens experiement, it does not make them gay or bi, and sometimes they just know without having to do more than look at themselves in the mirror. You need to figure this out as time goes on and remember love is love no matter what color, race, or sexual orrientation.

Everyone especially at your age has sexual fantasties and mixed feelings about these sorts of things, its natural.

Being gay or straight is not just about the physical attraction and sexual feelings, so try to imagine this….

Can you imagine being in a relationship with a woman? As in…being their girlfriend?

People have fantasties about the strangest things and also explore lots of things so try not to worry or think about it too much at the moment.

Lots of girls go through this stage and a lot of it is just admiration and recognising a girls beauty.


As I have said, date what feels right, no matter who that is, whatever gender, it does not matter.

You can come out bi. I came out (I’m 15 too) and I know who I am, but you can change your mind. Don’t feel locked like you have to date boys, just follow your heart.

Hope this helps =]

We have all gone through that to some extent. But it’s just your hormones going crazy at 15. I wouldn’t worry about it.

well im the same im 14 though!
what it is…i have day dreams about girls too,but im not emotionally atracted to girls.i think some are hot,but i dont like them i just think there hot,like i dot get the same feeling i get with guys.i get all tingally around guys!girls i just fantasize about,and only like porn stars.lol.not girls i know.if you feel the same about girls as guys,then you probly are bi,but if you are like me,then no your straigh up straigh!lol.=]
good luck!

well you are atrracted to guys and girls right? so that means you are bi. there are a lot of bi females so you are very normal 🙂

15 is a little young to be deciding if you are straight/gay/bi, but ultimately it’s up to you. You decide, since you are in charge of your self.

it sounds gross but I am the same way. It is just our bodies changing and relizing what we can do(sex)

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