8 Month old doberman wont stop ripping everything in my house apart?

I have an 8 month old doberman, he goes in the garbage everyday and he rips apart blankets, pilllows even my carpet, i dont know whats wrong with him, he does this everyday and i mean everyday, he is not neutered i dont knwo if thats the problem or not, but he does this everyday and when i say everyday i mean every…

Beat him unrelentingly.

First off, he’s doing this because you let him. His behavior is your fault. Make sure you understand that.

If the dog cannot be trusted in the house, he should not have the run of the house. Let me say that again, If the dog cannot be trusted in the house, he should not have the run of the house. This is why this is your fault. You’re giving an untrained, 8 month old puppy the run of the house. If you weren’t doing that, he wouldn’t be destroying it.

So, time to buy a crate. And if someone cannot be watching the pup, he needs to be in the crate. Time to make friends with your leash and keep the pup on leash with you in the house. If he’s right with you, he can’t get into this kind of trouble.

Time to realize this pup needs to chew. So you’re going to have to work to start letting him know what he can chew and what he can’t chew. You’ll need lots of stuff he CAN chew when he goes for something he shouldn’t, tell him “drop it” and then offer him something he can chew. Repeat as necessary.

Getting the dog neutered will not keep him from chewing, but do it anyway. It will make training him a bit easier. Which is the next thing you’re going to do.

Sign the dog up for an obedience class. You should have done this 4 months ago, and if you had, you might have known how to keep this problem from getting SO bad that you want to ditch the dog. Take him to obedience and keep taking him to obedience until he can pass the Canine Good Citizen test.

And walks, walks, walks, play ball, walks, walks, walks … the dog is bored out of his skull.

Your dob is acting like any other 8 month old puppy with no training and no boundries would act. Don’t blame the dog though. It’s not his fault you haven’t trained him. If you don’t have or don’t want to spend about $1000 total over the next year training him … by all means. Get rid of him. Because from here, without training, it will only get worse.

Haha, I’ve been there. I have a 2 year old doberman and he still likes to chew on things, but now he knows what is his to chew on. When I first got him he did the same thing. Getting him neutered WILL help a lot. He will start to calm down. My doberman stays in a crate at night when he is in, that may also help. Training too, dobermans are not dogs that can just be put in a house and expected to obey. You’ll have to work with him. Also, he is just in his awkward puppy stage. It will get better, hang in there with him!

i don’t want to get into an argument over the neuter your dog war cry. my last dog was neutered and my present one isn’t and there is no difference between them . your doberman is at that difficult stage im afraid. we all have to go through it. move all the stuff you don’t want him to chew out of sight when you leave him. when he picks something up he shouldn’t let him know in no uncertain terms that the thing hes got is yours and he is not allowed it. get him walked. i know you might be tired when you get in but that’s the way it is. and i’m not talking round the block or off to the park i’m meaning a proper looong walk. its a doberman you’ve got remember that. so remember puppy proof the home and walk walk walk. it works for me so it will work for you. stick in there . all the dobie owners know what your going through cause we’ve been there to .don’t give him away. keep at it and this time next year you’ll be laughing about it. good luck. aw the best x x x

I agree with Just Surfin, get him neutered to start and he needs mental stimulation. In other words he needs a job to do, obviously right now his job is to go through the garbage and tear everything up. Obedience training will also help, because it is a job for him to do. Give him other jobs around the house, get him familiar with favorite toys and play training games, the advance these games to give him something to do during the day.

Mental Stimulation will help curve his bad behavior and give you a happier more pleasant dog to be around.

Training your dog will be a huge part of your interaction with him for the first few months. Learn here https://tr.im/am6Cw
This includes housetraining, leash training, obedience training, socialization, and problem solving. In addition to providing your dog with needed skills, this time will also be a great opportunity for you to bond with him. Take the time to really get to know your pet while training him and a loving relationship will easily develop.

You come home to find your slippers chewed to bits or your rose bushes dug up and strewn all over the yard. Though your first thought may be that your dog is punishing you for leaving her home alone all day, these acts are never done out of spite or revenge–that’s just not the way dogs operate. Dogs do, however, find ways to occupy themselves in the absence of toys and social interaction…

Here are some guidelines on how to treat and prevent this type of behavior, http://dogtime.com/chewing-digging-behav…

Walk your dog. Exercise your dog. Give your dog something to play with; ie a kong. Walk your dog some more. Mentally stimulate your dog with a kong or training.

Always exercise your dog. And neuter him too.

I’d be willing to bet you $500 that if you exercised him everyday and mentally stimulated him that he would stop destroying the house. I promise.

Crate training and MORE exercise. When you aren’t home to supervise him, in the crate he goes.

Your dog is BORED out of his little puppy mind. Neutered or not he still needs training, exercise and a crate.

go to the vet or humane society and ask about crate training. And don’t leave stuff around. All puppies will chew, so get him lots of toys and play with him so he knows he can. You have to puppy proof the house, and learn about crate training…you won’t regret it.

Get him neutered, for starters.

Get him mentally stimulated. Training, obedience, anything that keeps him from getting bored. Because he’s destructive when he’s bored.

Talk to a professional trainer for more suggestions.

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