9/11 Conspiracy Theorists, please explain?

This should be interesting, please cite sources for your claims.

What and how exactly do you believe the government played an integral part in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11?

I don’t know if our government participated in – or even knew about – the 9-11 events in advance. But I believe we have a Constitutional right – and obligation – to question what our government tells us, to hold onto a modicum of skepticism, and to doubt what we’re told until it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Our government has lied to us countless times in the past:
a) There is still speculation that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor in advance but did nothing, knowing it would drag us into World War II, which our allies wanted;
b) Events surrounding Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 still have not been satisfactorily explained, especially to those who were there and witnessed the whole thing;
c) Our government LIED about U-2 spyplanes flying over the U.S.S.R. until Khrushchev shot one down and displayed it for all the world to see;
d) The Warren Commission submitted a whitewashed, MilqueToast report on JFK’s assassination, then sealed all documents for 75 years – until 2038 – when most of us who witnessed the event will be dead and gone, unable to examine the evidence;
e) Our government LIED about U.S. battleships being ‘attacked’ in the Gulf of Tonkin, which dragged us into the Vietnam War;
f) Our military LIED about the effects of Agent Orange of Vietnam veterans;
g) The White House LIED about a third-rate burglary at the Watergate Hotel until two young reporters dug out the truth, forcing the resignation of a U.S. President;
h) The White House LIED about how 444 hostages miraculously were released on Inauguration Day of a new President, only to discover years later that it was a scandalous and illegal ‘arms-for-hostages’ deal that became known as IranContra;
i) The White House LIED about ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that dragged us into an unconstitutional, illegal, unjustified, immoral ‘war’ with another sovereign nation that in no way threatened, provoked or attacked the United States;
j) Our government LIED about torture and sexual abuse of ‘detainees’ in direct violation of the Geneva Convention – to which the U.S.A. is a primary signatory – until photos of the abuse were posted on the Internet;
k) Our government LIED about ‘secret’ CIA prisons;
l) Our government continues to LIE to us about the real reasons why we’re involved in a ‘war’ with Iraq.

IF the government has lied about all these things, WHY is so difficult to believe that our government might have LIED about 9-11?? A few thousand dead Americans wouldn’t be enough to stop the wealthy elitists, industrialists and power brokers who want to be wealthier and more powerful. 675,000 dead Iraqis and 3,700 dead U.S. soldiers isn’t enough to stop large corporations from sucking up all that OIL underneath Iraq’s sands, or to acquire ill-gotten gains through WAR PROFITEERING.
And if anyone still believes we’re fighting to defend our nation against ‘terrorists’ from an unknown ‘evil empire’; if anyone still thinks we’re allowing soldiers to die so that we can bring democracy to Iraq; if anyone is gullible enough to assume that this about establishing peace in the Middle East – we’ve sunk lower than I care to imagine.
It’s possible (and I’m saying I’m certain) that our government had some involvement in the events of 9-11, knowing that it would stir emotions and allow the Bush administration to run rip shod over our Constitution as it met its primary objective since the first day it occupied the Oval Office: satisfy a personal vendetta the Bush family had with Hussein ever since the days of Desert Storm. Rape that country of all its OIL. Boost the sagging profits of those giant corporations dependent on ‘war’ for their earnings, including two ‘newcomers’ to the government’s ‘war trough’: the Carlyle Group and Halliburton, BOTH of whom have made BILLIONS from this ‘war’, and BOTH of whom have direct ties to the Bush-Cheney White House.
-RKO- 08/21/07

I had not considered the government playing an integral role at all in the attack on September 11 until five years later: that’s when I discovered that NORAD was running a drill that simulated hijackings in the northeast that morning, and that cheney was in command–the first time that that position was given to anyone in the executive branch since NORAD was put together (I think at least as far back as1957)–and that cheney(bush) had just gained that position in June of 2001. So I started to dig a little more and discovered a thing called PNAC, and that their strongest desire was for spreading democracy all over the globe and that all we (USA) needed was another Pearl Harbor to get us all happy about going into war. So I kind of wonder if the government really did not have anything directly to do with the attacks, that maybe the attacks were supposed to be a staged scare only, and that it got out of hand totally. That no one was supposed to die–that cheney who was in power that day in NORAD was supposed to have been able to talk the hijackers out of it in the end and no one would have died–but we all would be sufficiently scared enough. Entertaining enough?

The 9/11 Conspiracy will be another JFK. There is no doubt Bush took advantage of Sept 11 at the very lest, to further his polices. Somethings that happened on Sept 11 were very odd, and need further study. What happened on that day is a puzzle and most theorists tend to try to make pieces fit, when its clear they don’t.

why did they let the bin laden family go home?! if you were a family member of a mass murderer do you think the FBI would like to question you before you left for a country with no extradition treaties?! and who sold their stocks and bonds just before 9/11 thereby making a chit load of mullah!!!? [money that is!] and how many government officials were fired because they weren’t doing their job?! talk about incompetence! at the very least someone should have been demoted!

um my friend’s father used to work with the FBI and the police and she told me that the government knew about threats but never took it seriously and had a feeling they would be targeting the twin towers, the white house, the pentagon, the monuments, anything that stood for our country. now even though we doubted this would happen we STILL looked into it and though that they would surely come in through a ship of sorts or by land. the idea of an aireal attack mostly slipped our minds.

won’t cite my sources. why should i? is this gong to be a purloined essay source? huh? the WT event of 9/11, just like the pearl harbor of ’41, people have been speculating that it didn’t come out of the blue & that govt agencies organized it. they haven’t any proof. i mean, it’s possible but without proof, it remains just that: a theory without proof. any theory without proof goes no where except into the dust bin of the ages.

Glen, did you watch History Channel last night? Very good.
They answered all the questions. But, it was really hard to watch people speaking of the conspiracy theory. Brought out alot of emotions.

Faulty intelligence and not taking threats serious enough. The government is paid to protect and serve the American people. They should’ve been paying more attention to security than worrying about personal finances.

Dude your a smart ***, who the hell wants to respond to this so your bald self can be laughing at home thinking youre right and the conspiracy theory is stupid. I feel sorry for people like you.

watch the movie farenight 9/11 u will see bush it slef is also invold in all this.
its ban in usa the cd, but u an download it from net

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