Are most African-Americans with Native blood disconnected from their American Indian heritage?

I was noticing Ludacris, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, The Game, and Vivica Fox are among the famous celebrity actors and singers whom are African-American but have Native American blood in their family lineage. I happend to be African-American too but never met the great-great-grandmother whom happened to be of…


plus like the vast majority of whites, most who think they are mixed with natives aren’t. its just a family story passed down. something that they can never prove because its not true.

however, there are some nations today who’s members show black heritage as well like the narragansett tribe in RI.

The level of American Indian heritage claimed by Blacks (as well as Whites) is vastly overestimated. People make these claims based on family stories – most of which are erroneous. Check out Dr. Henry Louis Gates work on this subject. DNA research shows that Blacks only have a small degree of Native genetic markers (to the surprise of every participant). And I would argue that the Indian blood that African-Americans do possess, in a general sense, is from early contact with smaller East Coast tribes that aren’t really that “well-known”…Indians that were enslaved in the 1700s and very small remnant bands that had to intermarry because their numbers were so low: Nottaway, Yammassee, Meherrin, Monacan, Hattaras, etc. Africans slaves were brought over in large numbers because the Indian slave trade could not be sustained, for a variety of reasons…but certainly, for a while a small number of Indians were enslaved alongside African people. This is likely where most of the intermarriage occurred and this was usually outside of a strictly tribal context. However, as to the “Black Indians” of the East coast I would say this is a bit unique and does not represent the “Indian blood” found in African-American community, generally…in other words, it doesn’t necessarily represent “African-Americans” with Indian blood but the reverse…these are Indian communities with small populations that they had to marry outside of the group for survival…this is just basic gene flow. But the community itself if still tribal. This Indian blood was not diffused to the broader African-American population. While Narragensetts, Shinnecocks, Mohegans and others may look “African” they have never been disconnected from their Indian identity.

Depends on the person.

Genealogy is a very popular hobby nowadays and more and more people are finding out that they have Native American ancestry.

I’ve been a long-time student of both AA and NA history and started going to powwows 3 years ago.
I’ve learned a lot at them.

Here in VA,I see more and more black individuals among the powwow attendees. It’s good to see those with both AA and NA heritage getting more acquainted with the Native culture.

Many African human beings in I even have met even have community ancestry. they seem extra knowledgeable approximately their community ancestry than do Whites who’ve community ancestry. i think of they could emphasize their African American cultures extra because of the fact there are in many cases extra desirable communities of African human beings in city aspects. as quickly as I even have seen Natives with African American ancestry on the reservations, they’re extra community appearing. in actuality, in the process the 2004 election i replaced into doing voter stress paintings and each African American guy or woman I helped get to the ballot looked at me and reported “you’re an Indian” and then could relate to me who their Indian ancestor replaced into and which tribe they got here from.

Some aren’t, when I saw the Seminoles

A good number of them had African along with Seminole in them as well.

The majority are also disconnected from their African heritage. They go so far to claim other heritage.

I know very little about mine. I guess because my grandpa lived past his 90’s. All I know is the name of the band.

I can’t trace my ancestry on my paternal side back that far. There are no records.

Probably. It’s very sad.

one drop rule


black people didnt try to claim us but i think due societies hatred

i think they socialises better in the black community

it is sad to know that racism has chose so much pain

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