Can I Get Better Gas Mileage??….?

I have a 1999 Ford F150 4.2L V6. I want to get better mileage out of my truck since its my daily driver. Its all stock except for a intake. I probably get 13 miles to the gallon maybe 16 at times. Can ya give me tips and stuff i can do like add-ons or mods.

If it’s an automatic, it’s rated at 14 MPG city and 18 highway. If you’re getting 13-16 MPG, you’re getting about would you should be getting. Aside from keeping it properly maintained, there’s nothing that you can really do to squeeze any more mpgs out it in a cost-effective manner. With that said, the driver mod is the most effective mod you can do.

basic tune up, k&n filter, 373 gears…best bet is to keep your foot out of it. Drive very conservatively. Minimize how much you have to come to a complete stop before starting to move again. You waste a ton of fuel trying to get the truck up to speed again so brake early and accellerate gently.

Drive slower for better mileage. Put in new heavier plug wires. Get a K&N air cleaner.

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