Can someone in the military who gets a speeding ticket and then gets deployed go to jail for not appearing in?

I got a speeding ticket in Texas but before my court date I was deployed. An arrest warrant was issued due to a no show. I had completely forgotten about the ticket before I left the states. I can not take care of the ticket until I return. Can I be arrested since I was not here to go to court?

You need to go to the JAG office and they will tell you what yo need to do. There will be letters written by your commander or the JAG attesting to your deployment which prevented your appearance. You cannot be charged with failure to appear due to your military service. You should have notified the court once you knew, and they may tack on extra fines for that. You can provide those documents to the court now, and just pay the ticket. You can also get an extension for doing things like traffic school. Or you can just get a stay until 90 days after your return to the jurisdiction.

You should know these things already. Your first sergeant should have made sure you were briefed on the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The court can confirm your service by going to the DMDC’s SCRA website (see below)

The SCRA protects you while on deployment. It also reduces the interest rates on your mortgage and credit cards. The banks have to apply this retroactively to you, and must refund any overcharges.

Tell everyone in your unit – and ask why you were not briefed of this during pre-deployment.

July 8th, 1985, Trego County, Wakeeney Kansas, Mile Marker 138 on I-70 traveling east towards Colorado on my way to Ft. Carson is when I was clocked by an aircraft going 78 in a 65 MPH posted speed limit. I can’t tell you the name of the officer or the exact fine, which I paid by mail, but I do remember that as the last time I received a speeding ticket.

And you somehow just “forgot?”

There is a warrant for your arrest, better call or visit and take care of this. Being deployed or being in the military isn’t going to get you a “bye.’ If anything the Judge will look at you and say you of all people should have known better and trust me, they’ve heard every excuse in the book, yours is not new. Get with the court, get with your chain of command, bad news doesn’t get better with age and right now your news is stinking to high heaven.

I have a BIG problem with any suggestion that lumps all drivers into the same category on the assumption that they are all deadly criminals for breaking one specific traffic law. That presumes too much. If a person speeds in such a manner that they put others at risk – then yes, throw the book at them. But I disagree with putting a driver behind bars simply because he/she had the audacity to cruise up to 80-85 MPH on an empty highway. Or a driver that simply misses a lower speed limit sign when coming into a restricted speed zone. And how about the driver that puts other traffic at risk by consistently running at 15 MPH under the speed limit? Going to jail him/her too. The scenario that you suggest would have the jails bursting to capacity. Simple fact of the matter that you cannot jail every person that breaks the law. There would be nobody left on the streets because I cannot think of one single human being that has never broken one law or another. UTOPIA does not exist.

“I forgot” “I did not know” “I told them not to do that”

The cries of morons, idiots, slackers AKA as useless people!

JHC kid you sound like the clowns going thru proccessing in jail….”you can’t prove I did that!”

My absolute most favorite idiot story is from a Credit Union on a now defunct Marine Corps Helicopter Station. They are missing $200-600 per day from the ATM. I know the money is going out the back, so my job is too play the game of checking the machine and not finding a damn thing wrong….and that is what we do. When the safe is closed the 2 tellers do not spin off the combonation but lock the dial (all you have to do is unlock it and bida bing your in the safe). When I question them on this they turn and point to the “alledged” perp..thier boss, who is standing in the middle of the lobby close to crapping his pants and say “he services tha machine at night. He does not have the combo so we do not spin it off. He has a key, this way only one person is needed”. I explain the long standing rule of being with money in the banking industry…THERE IS ALWAYS 2 PEOPLE, NEVER ONE!

In this case those 2 young ladies were the idiots/morons etc etc. The immaculate fix was made to the machine and not a single 20 ever was lost again………..WAIT, WAIT just one minute, I left out the response from these 2 genius girls “Oh, yeah, your right, we forgot about that”

YOU have a large problem. LARGE problem. The odds that the court recinds the warrant are slim….could happen….most likely will not….WHY…..they have heard so much Bull $h!t from so many they just don’t care! They just expect adults to act like adults….YOU are an adult????

Good Luck Kid. This should be a good wake up for you.

The uniform is not a get out of trouble free pass!

SSG US Army 73-82

Yes, but if you contact the court and explain you should get off with just paying the ticket.

Don’t be lazy, you can do anything over the phone or internet, at least get a new court date.

If I was the Judge I would make you spend the night in jail because you keep implying that it’s not your fault that you didn’t take care of this before.

Tell your CO you have a warrant for your arrest due to a missed court date. Being deployed is a valid excuse. The ticket won’t go away, but it will allow you to take care of it when you return home. Next time, take care of prior obligations before you leave and thank you for your service.

Yes, you can be arrested. As you state in your question, you forgot all about the ticket. That is your error. Due to your error, you now have a warrant out for failure to appear. The only way that the deployment helps you is that you won’t be extradited back home because of that warrant. If your first sergeant is not aware of the warrant (though I’d bet he is), let him know. Be prepared to surrender yourself when you return. Do not expect a free pass.

Yes you can. You should have told the Court that you were being deployed, and they would have postponed your hearing until you are able to attend Court. That means you now have two counts against you. The speeding ticket, and Contempt of court.

Yes, you can

You should have taken care of it before you deployed

You had plenty of time, to contact the court before the deployment to get it settled.

Are you active duty, or national guard/ reserves? You need to talk to you S-1 and ask them what you need to do to take care of it. There may be a loop hole if you are a full time soldier on active duty. I would get more information from your S-1. Of course you may be lectured or punished for not being responsible enough to deal with it for deployment.

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