Car Insurance: does policy holder have to be main driver?

My girlfriend was just in a car accident and we need to get a new car. She drives the car for work and i get the train. I only really use it on the weekend.

Can i take out a policy on the new car and have her as a named driver, even tho she is the main driver? It works out much cheaper to do this as she has 6…

I assume that the 2 years no claims bonus is not currently being used on another vehicle as it can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

The most important criteria for insurance is the ownership of the vehicle – very few companies will insure a car that the proposer does not own.

With regards to being main driver – that does not matter – providing you declare accurately on the proposal form that your girlfriend is the main user. (Which it appears you accept). You will of course declare the accident/ conviction on the application form.

“Business Use for All” used to be known as ‘Class II’. Please read the policy wording VERY carefully as to what ‘Business Use for All’ means. It could mean merely that anyone can drive the vehicle on behalf of the proposer’s business or that of his employer (like a company car!). In that case your girlfriend will NOT be covered for using the car for her work.

As I have repeatedly said, car insurance – or indeed any insurance, is very technical and is NOT a simple product to buy. That is why there are firms out there giving advice as to the best insurance for your needs.

As long as you are an owner or co-owner of the car you can be the named insured and have her listed as the driver. She will be covered when operating that automobile.

If she owns the car and you are not a co-owner, then you do not have an insurable interest in the car and she would have to be listed as the named insured and you could be listed as a driver.

You have to be totally honest with the insurance companies these days, otherwise they will not pay out. In any event you have to disclose your girlfriend’s convictions even if she is the other named driver. What you are asking about amounts to fraud.

Usually a spouse/partner has ‘equal status’ to the policyholder on car insurance policies. Speak to your insurers but I’m pretty sure so long as you’re on the policy as his partner you’ll be fine.

Unfortunately you must name her as the main driver. if you don’t and she has another accident and the insurance provider find out you will not be covered and they wont pay out.

The one thing you forget to mention is who’s fault the accident was.

If she was not to blame you will probably be OK

ok,i used to work for a well known insurance company,and yes u are right to confirm all her convictions points ect… u will both be covered for business use,and yes it is possible to have her as named main driver!

It’s called fraud. You are lying on the application and a claim can be denied in the future because of it. Suck it up and list her as the driver.

fraud fraud fraud you will get caught if she is the main driver you need to list her as the main driver it is not worth it be honest with the insurance company for a few extra dollars your willing to commit fraud.


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