Cornell: My chances of being accepted?

I’m just finishing my junior year at a public school. GPA is 3.67. I took the SATs and only got a 1890 but I felt like crap that day and completely screwed up the essay, so I’m retaking in the fall and expect to get at least a 2000. I’m taking SAT subject tests in US History and Math 1.
My school…

no offense but i doubt it. you have good extracurriculars, but the gpa is a bit low. it should be more up in the 3.8s and 3.9s. and according to what you said you’ve only taken 1 AP, and by the time you graduate it’ll only be up to three. and the sat scores are not bad, but not what top schools would look for. you should definetly get into a decent college, but cornell would be a bit hopeful, close to a reach school

Ive been thru the whole application process too and it can be stressful…I would say that acceptance to Cornell is certainly plausible…however two things to keep in mind that could make or break your chances would be:

You must acknowledge that each year there are more college applicants than ever before…so things get very competitive so,

My advice would be to take an SAT prep class to refresh your skills (try to shoot for at least a 1200)…and pursue more extra-curricular activities…The most shocking piece of information I found when applying to schools was that showing interest in that school is IMPERITIVE…so you should also set up a meeting with a Cornell advisor and sit down and talk to him or her….hope that helps…and dont stress yourself out!!

ps…you can also probably find an SAT practice exam online!! take as many as you can

All looks good expect the SAT. It matters more that many will admit aim for around 700 on each section. Since you school doesn’t offer many, the fact that you have so few AP/Honors classes won’t be a problem as long as you do well in them. you might want to take a class at a university of community college near you just to show that you’re very serious about your education. You really shouldn’t worry if you don’t get into Cornell. It’s hard for anybody to get in and you can get a very strong education at many less prestigious schools.

Your chances are pretty good, but your SAT score could be a little higher. Also work on your college essay over the summer because the essay help distinguish yourself from the huge pile of applications. Good luck.

actually I’ve heard bad things about cornell ED deferral from my high school i had a friend who got deferred and rejection, his gpa only dropped down to i tihnk a 3.65 from a 3.75. HE had insane ECs and great SAT scores, no one understood why he got rejected but apparently it was because his essays were rushed last minute… what an idiot. but i would say safely 30-40%

go cornell for the average student the average acceptance rate is 24 or 25 i know that it is under 30

That’s one heck of a college resume. I think you’ll get in. Do you know anyone who went there? A couple of letters of recommendation couldn’t hurt.

depends on your activity

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