Dark age in Pakistan: Muslims burn Christian man as policeman rapes his wife?


Christians, can the end come soon enough? the article said the couple’s children were deeply traumatized by this (of course) but made no mention of what will happen to the…

The end is coming soon my dear sister. It is only God that has stayed the hands of time. I have seen some of the answers on here and it grieves me that people still don’t understand that the Muslim faith is against all those who do not believe in their religion and it isn’t a peaceful religion. Look, it was a police officer that raped this woman and her husband was burned in front of police officials. This is just one part of their government. They have no respect for the ones who are not following their religion. Just like the woman who answered and said that Muslim means to submit. Well, if you don’t submit to their ways then you’re thought of as dung. Yes, there are Muslims that want to live peaceable lives but if they have read their holy book then they will see within those pages exactly how cruel of a religion it is that they believe in. All of us are accountable for what we know and who we stand by. God does not condone this type of behavior. Christians have not done this what these people have done. There are some that would do something like that and call themselves Christians but they really aren’t if they personally know Christ. No Christian in their right mind would do this.

This terrible story sounds to me like a revenge attack on Christians because of the Muslim vs Christian issue..

The Muslims in question that done the murderous attack may follow Islam but they are not true Muslims and they will never ever be saved on judgement day no matter how much they repent, somethings are just not forgivable..

The end cannot come soon enough!

What is so terribly sad, is that these things happen all the time. It could be happening as we speak! Yet to us, who are shielded from such, are not aware, or simply are powerless to change it. We need God’s intervention more than ever.

Out of sight really does mean out of mind sometimes.

We need to be in prayer diligently for all fellow believers, especially those who are in restricted nations.

There is such heinous behavior all over the world. Why? Because an unseen force, Satan, is behind it. 2 Cor 4:4, 1 John 5:19 “We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one.”

This is what I believe to be true



Typical of the “Religion of Peace” in the “Pure Land”, isn’t it?

After all, all of us know that the ones who say that Islam is the “Religion of Peace” are just trying to buy time till their number swell in our lands when they can start showing us their true face.

Muslims are totally bigoted, intolerant and self opinionated delusional in grandeur people.

All they want is the World Domination of Islam and the systematic extermination of all others.

The fools that support the Muslims and trust them are our worst enemies from within.


Really, you think their religion is responsible for every action done in its name and yet you are still Christian?

Hypocrite much?

Maybe they are 300 or so years behind the rest of the world because their nations are dirt poor and have no decent access to education? Maybe it is because of the type of government they have. Maybe it is their religion, but then you need to accept the same of the horrible things done by Christians in the name of Christ.

EDIT: She doesn’t just love Allah. She loves the No True Scotsman fallacy too.

when did all of those people in Pakistan that participated this action, become the entirety of Islam or the official spokespersons for Islam?

they didn’t.

it’s easy to see this one action and automatically assume EVERY Muslim is like this. that’s human nature. but, you have to rise above your primitive mind. you have to understand that while 1% of Islam is like this, the other 99% is not.

i do not excuse this crime. please do not misunderstand.

they are just following what muhammed did

I heard that majority in U.S. jails are Christians, it shows that there are criminals in all walks of life.

Muslims mean submitters, if they dont submit than they are not Muslims.

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