Do i have an anxiety problem or a mild depression?

I am anxious when i go into public, im always stressing in a public situation like inside (i dont show it)
i have difficulty talking to people (shy)
and maintaing convos
i feel really down from this, cant relate to others

would this be a depression if at all?
more symptons?

You may have social anxiety disorder (SAD) which I am experiencing myself. Mine is to the point where I get anxiety just thinking about having to see friends. I would rather stay home. When I was younger I was extremely shy also, which I worked on myself to overcome this.

Instead of resorting to anti-anxiety medications, which you could get from your doctor, you may want to try and overcome your shyness on your own. When you pass someone just say smile. Most likely, they will smile back which would boost your confidence. Next step would be to say “Hi”. I am sure you would get a response from this also. The more you do this, the more easy it will be to face people with less shyness. If you really want to challenge yourself, let’s say at school, find someone who seems on the shy side also, and make a comment like, “aren’t you in my so-and-so class? This would most likely strike up a conversation in which you can practice your social skills. Take a deep breath to relax and talk with confidence and try not to appear as being shy. You can convince yourself that you are not. Keep practicing with students that may look like your type by doing small talk and see where that will get you.

The only way to overcome your shyness is by taking the first step to saying little things to people. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will become; you will see that nothing bad will happen. If you feel embarrassed, so what. You are doing nothing wrong. You may make a good friend by doing this… which you will definitely need to maintain conversations.

It takes practice, but you can do it. Don’t wait for others to approach you, take baby steps and try to approach others slowly.

about 5 years ago, I started to fall into a really depressive episode. At first I thought it was only because I had a bad break from a relationship but the feelings wouldn’t go away even after I got a new girlfriend. It was wrecking my life until a point where it was seriously affecting my work and personal life.

She was very worried but at the same time couldn’t understand why I was still sad and thought that I still couldn’t let go of my previous relationship. Being the wonderful person that she is, she put aside her feelings and suggested I go for psychiatric evaluation. Many months later and even more anti-depressants, I was not coming close to being better at all.

After doing some research online, I found out the real cause as you described it really makes a lot of sense and purchased this program. The results were simply astonishing. I read this book over three times and put all words in action. Using this method, I’ve kept my depression at bay ever since. Up to date I’m still living happily with my girlfriend.

Depression Free Method?

It’s difficult to give an exact diagnosis from a few sentences on YA. Many people are anxious when they are in public. However, it does sound like you have some degree of social anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and depression can coexist. When you write “i really feel down from this” it suggests that you may have some degree of depression.

I don’t know how strongly these issues impact on your life. What is probably a good idea is to talk to a counselor or therapist about this. He or she might suggest a plan of action to help you be more comfortable with other people.

It doesn’t sound like you need medication. In my opinion, drugs should be used only as a last resort.

It sounds more like anxiety, but the two aren’t necessarily separate conditions. I had anxiety and depression for years. So you probably have both.

by the way, a freaky thing happened. I started eating gluten free and it all went away within a week. I don’t necessarily think that everyone is the same as me, but it may be worth trying. It turns out that depression and anxiety are symptoms of celiac disease. Most of the serotonin in your body is in your intestines, so when they’re damaged by celiac disease, your mood gets out of whack. I noticed like two days later that I was less anxious and it cleared completely within a week. Trippy huh?

You have a shyness that comes from a self esteem problem. You are not comfortable with your self. This can be from many any things. Usually this is a powerlessness that is rooted in your childhood.. You were not given the power and confidence from your family when you were younger. You will need the approval of others to feel good about yourself.

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Sounds like a little Social Anxiety.

Come by maybe we can help.

I suffered from exteme anxiety and panic disorder & broke free.

We have a free community to help support others.

All the best!

It defenetly sounds like social anxiety disorder. You should see a doctor because everybodys different and medication might help you. I had that and i see a doctor and im on medication. It works for me.

i suffer in the same way you do!!! i get real anxious, too, and sometimes i really wonder whether or not i have mild depression. maybe you should talk to a counsellor. i talked to our school chaplain- he was really helpful for me.

i have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and ocd.
i get .. chest pains, numbness, headaches, dizziness, the runs, nausea, i sweat, stutter, i have complex thoughts and actions.. etc etc etc… sometimes i get severely depressed.. even suicidal. my counsellor, psych and doctor tell me they kinda come as a package. u should speak with ur doctor …

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