Do you ever think the Republican people will ever accept a gay person as a fellow American?

I would like to extend a hand to republicans, conservatives who find the time to hate to come into a deeper understanding of freedom. You support states rights when it serves the moment but pass a law called DOMA that defends an outdated way of consumation. We must work together to make all marriage free.

I have never agreed that marriages should have licenses in the first place. So why do I not accept you as an American if I don’t even want different sex couples to be burdened by the license process?

More to the point, a lot of gays have resorted to lies and misrepresentations in this issue. Gays are telling people that Libertarians support licensing marriages for instance. Why are they doing this? I take it as aggression and disrespect. BTW why can’t straights have civil unions?

@ How would I know. First off it is NOT a lifestyle choice, did you choose to be straight? Second No gay people do not have the same rights when it comes to marriage. If I am sick and in the hospital my husband can make medical decisions on my behalf, gay couples that have been together for years do not have that same right. Not to mention taxes, insurance, pension and SSI. Why shouldn’t a gay couple have the same right that I do to go to a courthouse and get a legal marriage license? Churches do not have to marry them if they choose not to.

Sorry to the original poster, to answer your question, keep in mind that not all Republicans are against same sex marriage, My hubby of 30 years is a very open-minded person on this issue 🙂

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with nationality. An American can be gay, straight, white black, brown, yellow, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindi, atheist, Republican or Democrat.

I wasn’t aware of any Republicans who want to deny citizenship to homosexuals.

The government should not be in the marriage business to begin with, as marriage is an institution of the church. But as long as it’s going to be, it is certainly proper to recognize marriage as what it is. This, of course, should mean the abolition of no-fault divorce, because marriage is for life.

Half of them Are Gay Most can Be found hanging in Airport Rest Rooms.But the Answer to your Question is No They don’t think for them self’s they only Follow the Party Line

Sure, as long as the gay person is not open about it. As long as he (or she) is against equal rights for gay people and says God hates gay people, as long as they are a total 100 % lying hypocrite about it, Republicans are fine with gay people.

We all have the same rights, but for some of us, the right to exercise those rights is an extra right, and nobody gets extra rights.

i think you are against republican and tea party people……..

i have zero problem with gays……a couple lived in back of my house, they painted their house, planted grass, flowers and fruit trees in their backyard…

they had two dachshunds named missy and pickles…….

these dogs were treated as their babies !!!!

i liked them very much and they liked to walk their dogs down to the lake three doors from my house……i also remembered receiving apples from their backyard trees every summer……..( sometimes i received alot of them and dropped them off to the two ponies on midland road…)

yea…….they knew who i was !!!!!

Dumb question.
Gay Republicans accept themselves as Americans all the time.

Personally, I don’t care what gay people do. They should be allowed to live their lives. I don’t hate them.

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