Do you ever wonder what the person behind the avatar looks like?

yes I do lol. I finally put a pic on my 360 lol

lol..I already knew the way you appear to be when you consider which you had photos up on your 360 for some days! So no massive surprises!;-p The accessory is likewise no longer a marvel using fact I knew your British. I enjoyed the clip. It became a lovable intro which suits your character and state of suggestions. if certainty be told, i’m no longer shocked in any respect- understanding your Q/A, I already knew which you’re sensible and trustworthy- no longer faking to be somebody you’re no longer.;-) i don’t have a internet video. yet i’m quite trustworthy and direct so i assume you will possibly have particularly an thought how i could be. I even have 6 contacts. i be conscious of ways 5 of them appear as if- including you- I substitute familiar emails with 2 and am in a relationship with one.;-p

Yes, because we are all wearing virtual masks. I have seen some photos on here and it is surprising how little they resemble the person, even if they get the features right. My avatar looks nothing like me – I have green eyes and long, wavy blonde hair. She looks intelligent which is what my real personality is like. I made her to reflect my personality, not my appearance.

Yes all the time

What are you talking about? I look exactly like my avatar.

Sometimes, especially when I see them quite a bit around Answers. It’s kinda weird, you know who they are as their internet persona, but now who they are really.

Sometimes. But other times I wouldn’t want to know.


They look like the banker on Deal or no deal.


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