Do you think America will turn against Barrack Obama once they find out that he’s a fake and a fraud?

I can seriously see white people getting turned off and annoyed by his snottiness, and black people calling him an “oreo”. I think it will happen one of these days. He’s a smug prep schooler who thinks he’s smarter than the “masses”. I’ve been to university with plenty of them….

Obama is white man pretending to be black.

Yes, what a tangled web they have constructed. I feel Obama is not what he pretends to be, and if Bill and Hillary were really honest when they latch on to the African Americans soley for TV , media coverage pretending like they care, then Bill and Hillary would not have covered up and continue to cover up the fact that Bill has a 13 yrs old son by a African American. A child is a child, he should be ashamed of himself for not acknowledging that child. His name is Danny

US politics are so corrupt, media influence is so great, and election rigging is so easy now with those new voting machines that never again will anyone worthwhile be elected President of the United States. The surest sign that someone is a brat, a clown, a pervert, a sadist, a goofball, or a crook is that he’s a current or an an ex-President of the United States.

Only the racists will react that way. Obama is the genuine article. You should get some real friends and then maybe your perspective will improve and you’ll be able to recognize genuine also. A state that is 94% white and also rural just said so. Time to wake up and pull your head out. Those of you still living in the 60s and 70s need to either catch up or you will get dragged behind kicking and screaming. America is moving forward. We will no longer tolerate racial ignorance as an excuse for stagnating.

What does “not black enough” mean? Are you insinuating that black people are not smart? Are you insinuating that black people are not charming? I am part of main stream America and I do not find him “snotty” at all.

I would not vote for him because he is far too much of a Liberal but I think he is far more likable than Hillary. Talk about elitists!


Obama seems to have a LOT of popular support, to wit: Iowa, for example. Whether or not he wins the nomination or the election remains to be seen. But he certainly seems to have a serious chance at doing so. This you can count on: if he wins the nomination he WILL be the next president. No Republican will win this year – period!

You should let us answer your question and not answer it yourself. He is not fake nor fraud. You disgusting remark about him being oreo is racist. While you call him elitist and snotty, I call him well educated and charismatic. No dirt. If there was some, Hillary would have found it by now. He is genuine, honest, and he has all the traits of a great leader. That is why he won Iowa.

You had me going fo a minute, but once you slammed Jimmy Carter I knew it, Fake and a Fraud, that’s YOU.

I read up to the word “oreo” now I’m gonna find some food..

While I can definitely see your point about Obama being a fraud, and a disgrace to the African-American community, I must point out that “fake” is a common descriptive term applying to all politicians.

He’s 500% better than Bush.

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