Does Christianity need to feel like it is persecuted even if it isn’t in order to survive?

Is the only way for it to survive is to pretend it is being persecuted? I am not saying it isn’t in some areas but especially in the U.S. I do not think it is being as persecuted as it claims to be. How can it claim to be persecuted when all it is being told is that it can’t force others to live the…

I get that Christians have hurt you. The bitterness of your posts regarding Christianity is really obvious. But please realize the bulk of us are not these harshly critical people. I don’t consider your questions as persecutions. But it does hurt me to see you hurt.

Yes, Christianity – specifically Catholicism – is persecuted. The very same Christians who persecute you – also persecute us. Only worse, because we are the first Christians. The original Christians.

The fundies, however are just an annoyance, really. True persecution is much bigger.

In Communist, for instance China, the Catholic Church is completely underground. In Islamic nations. We are executed in the streets. Bombs placed around churches. Sister Dorothy Stang was simply trying to teach people sustainable farming in South America – when she was gunned down by cattle ranchers who wanted the farmers gone.

The fundies tell lies about us. Just like they tell lies about you. Which is why this Catholic has always considered Pagans and Wiccans as kin.

Every situation should be judged on its own merit. There are loads of people who a persecuted just for being Christian as you’ve outlined. The people claiming to be persecuted when they are not is obviously not worth arguing about, so I don’t see what the real issue is.

The Christian faith continualy grows for different reasons. People see results when they practice the faith e.g, real life and case studies sections etc. People are on average not forced to be a Christian and prefer it to other religions.

Every organization lashes out when it’s threatened. Christianity is no different, it’s not being persecuted though, it’s lashing out against logic and reason.

Pretending to be persecuted is a way to fuel an “us vs. them” mentality (i.e. we must be doing something right if the forces of evil oppose us). Persecution is used as a self-fulfilling prophecy which strengthens their belief that they are right.

No, but many will turn our words against us claiming we are the ones at fault even if we do nothing to provoke them.

christianity is the biggest false religion of them all. it is responsible for the deaths of over 500,000,000 people. sense its beginning. they would kill in the name of christianity just as the arabs did.persecuting people world wide and exterminating cultures, civilizations, tribes of people and entire continents of people. this religion was created by the popes of rome and greek philosophers read 325 AD councel of counciland the auther and founder of christianity. is paul. 90% of the new testament is his writtings. writingsanslated most of his materials from the old testament.

christianity is hipacriticahypocritical who is not a christian.

Can’t anyone today ask an actual question? The drivel I have to wade through in order to find something that is an actual question is heart rending.

No, but they get off of a thought of being persecuted.

Please… PLEASE pick up a newspaper or go online and read the news in countries like Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, China, Indonesia, etc.

When you use a keyword like “Christian” in conjunction with these countries … ask yourself again if Christians are persecuted for their beliefs.

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