Donald trump and republicans humiliated beyond belief.. how do republicans feel about that?

Donald trump has been exposed as a fool, got humiliated at the correspondence dinner and was ‘fired’ from the last part of his show airing, due to our POWERFUL president capturing and killing osama bin laden. Republicans have been dealt 3 harsh blows this past week that make them look childish and weak. How…

The only person that got humiliated was Trump. The rest you mention is your own fantasy world

Are you kidding? The white domicile may well be wearing gold leaf, it may be the humorous tale of the international. Trump has great PR, yet he’s not a great agency adult men. Trump for president hahahhahahhaahah cheesy we’d have a white domicile wedding ceremony as quickly as a three hundred and sixty 5 days if he replaced into president, yet we’d be wager perpetually ” now which wifes new child is that”. Republican, have you ever seen there alternatives. Then they upload trump to it, and there terrific determination thus far is Ron Paul ahahahhahahah. How previous is Ron Paul, he seems previous. 89?

On top of that the top contenders for the GOP didn’t even show up for round 1 of their own debates. Sorry but Republicans DO NOT have a contender that can compete with Obama, and don’t WE as a NATION want the best of the best? I don’t care what party it is as long as it’s the best and a balance of power. It’s just sad to see that in these modern times with modern education some people in this country are not getting that education and are voting and hating Obama off of ideology and plain stupidity. These people get their info from the same tainted source. Listen to their reasoning its a complete JOKE! And anyone resisting will be crushed by the real trending movement in this country. It’s about progress and the racist baffons will die out like dinosaurs.

BTW: Obama is the basically the coach calling the shots for the military, he could of been a baffon like many politicans and just dropped a bomb, but HE, LET ME REPEAT FOR THE DUMB PEOPLE, HE called the shots on the way to pursue it. He AUTHORIZED it. Without that it would of never happened or would of not happened in a precise, delicate manner. The Troops will ALWAYS be the true Champions of the field but the leader can greatly affect the outcome.

Jesus Christ, give me a break with this. Trump is nothing but a sideshow and REAL Republicans saw right through Obama’s plan to keep that “birther” bullshit alive as a distraction to the damage he’s been doing to the country, only to release that birth certificate at the exact moment he needed to give himself a boost going into his 2nd election season.

Then there’s this Bin Laden thing, for which Obama is inexplicably being given credit. HELL, DREW BARRYMORE COULD HAVE BEEN PRESIDENT AND THE NAVY SEALS STILL WOULD HAVE GOTTEN BIN LADEN. The straw-grasping here to force Obama back into popularity is just insane.

Well he looked dumber at white house correspondents dinner didn’t watch but trump was booed I heard besides trump and the crazies on the far right have lost It they are ungrateful for the country bigger terrorists and liars then bin laden seriously their time will comes when trump, palin, qaddafi, beck, limbaugh, o’reilly, all be exposed for their terrorism on america too like bin laden america’s middle class republicans are not middle class they are down with the billionaires, bigots, Idiots, lunatics and liars, the truth will have to spilled on the far right ultra conservatives they are not patriotic they are Insane, they are done no more good bye.

Don’t go there. I’m a Democrat, but Republican voters are entitled to their own beliefs, as are we, and they deserve the same respect we want from them. It’s not fair to blame all republicans for the idiot behavior of Donald Trump, who, by the way, has not produced the long form proof of his membership in the Republican party, so how do we know he actually is a Republican, which is a requirement to be selected as the Republican nominee for president!


First Trump is not a republican in my book. By the way Obama may have given the go ahead but it was the Seals who took Osama out. Your “powerful” President is the one ruining the economy, taxing the hell out of us, and trying to tell all of us how to live our lives. That is between rounds of golf and flying here there and everywhere on our dime. Keep him we don’t want him.

Considering Donald Trump has never been a republican, and is best friends with the Clintons, I believe you liberals will have no choice but to claim his as your own.

You fool, Obama didn’t capture or kill Bin Laden. Our military did.

It’s laughable that you refer to Obama as powerful. Well, unless you consider “powerful” adding trillions to our debt, apologizing to the world for America, and forcing a Marxist health care bill down our throats against the will of the people.

Worst. President. Ever.

I think your messiah humiliated himself at the WH Correspondence Dinner. I’m sure Trump or any other patriot wouldn’t mind the prez breaking in on their show for this good news.

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