First car Mazda 3 2011 need advice about maintenance?

So It’s my first car (a preowned) and it’s a 5 month old car now..
mileage is 28,000k. first time I buy it it’s around 25k.
My dealer emailed me saying it’s about time for some maintenance..

my car seems fine. my dad just change fill the motor oil.. and radiator still full.
all else is working…

All it is, is basic stuff, like new belts, new spark plugs, oil change (even though for 28k miles, non of that is needed. But yes they do that and charge crazy amounts, when you can do it yourself cheaper.. Good thing your Mazda isn’t Rotary like my dads RX7, or you would be sunk. So all in all, put some work clothes on and get under the car

Mazda 3 Maintenance Schedule

Mazda 3 Service Schedule

I just double checked on Mazda’s website for their Maintenance Schedule (it is also in your Owner’s Manual).

They only require the oil and oil filter be changed every 7,500 miles, but I’m much more comfortable with every 5,000 miles.

The air filter should be changed every 30,000 miles, but you can actually wash most oil filters with warm water and a liquid dish detergent, let it dry and use it another 30,000 miles!

Other than that, it doesn’t need a thing until 75,000 miles, when the Spark Plugs need to be replaced.

You lose the car warranty if you don’t service it.
Look at the owners manual, which should be in the compartment in front of the passenger seat. That book should tell you what maintenance is needed at what miles.

If the 30,000 miles check up includes an oil change, then that is one thing less to pay for.

Girl or guy follow the owners manual routine schedule and you will be fine. Its in writing and explained thoroughly. Dealerships cut both ways. They tend to run higher for routine services compared to Jiffy Lube for instance. However, the Jiffy Lube’s of the world do not have the lines of accountability in place if something goes wrong as a result of servicing your vehicle. For instance, oil changes. If you stick with the dealership and one set of hands are on your vehicle, you can find out who screwed up. With Jiffy Lube who knows? They are not vested like the dealership to maintain your happiness with a high level of satisfaction. Jiffy Lube isn’t bad at times, but I would stick with the dealership for routine maintenance especially while new, because the warranty can be in conflict depending on what others do. Ask your dad and listen to what he suggests until you get a feel for what’s what.

He may know somebody based in his relationships and know how. Presumably he wouldn’t tell his daughter wrong.


Nothing need to be done except change the oil. If you like change the air filter.

Don’t forget to change the oil filter, every time the oil is changed.

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