Homosexuality is not natural therefore it is wrong?

And “god made adam and eve not adam and steve..”

well.. technically flying is not natural.
humans aren’t supposed to fly. “god” didnt give us wings

yet no one has an issue with using aeroplanes because them deem it to be “unnatural”

do you see the point i am making? just…

Well, when people were first introducing commercial flights, there were certainly TONS of people who refused to fly saying, “If God wanted me to fly, he would have given me wings.”

And, in the parthenogenic future, when only occassional males are accidentally born into the all female society, they will be shunned, and women who are drawn to them will be told sternly, “Goddess created Madam and Eve, not Adam and Eve.”

Exactly, if we never thought outside the box (ha, pun), we’d never invent new ways of doing things.

Besides, what is so unnatural about homosexuality? We all do the same types of things in the bedroom, no?

xtians are only afraid of homosexuality because they misunderstand the soddom and gomorrah story in Genesis. The people of the town wanted to RAPE the angels, NOT make love to them. God destroys the town for violence, NOT love.

Since xtians see it as a prophesy for why God destroys the world, xtians who are mean to homosexuals better watch out – God hates mean people.

People who are opposed to homosexuality, will always find reasons to be against it. They’ll never admit that people are born gay. Plus, saying “God made Adam and Eve, therefore homosexuality is unnatural” is a ridiculous and truly flawed argument.

the question is what is nature? the nature of the universe is presented and is ininofitself God, therefore is a man is capable of being with a man and does not EMMEDIATELY die from it, it is not unnatural. Murder and hate are unnatural because they decrease productivity, the original belief is that homosexuality decreases productivity, but in an overpopulated world, they can only service it. SNAP!

Not all of us are on the affirmative about homosexuality being wrong and stop using the term “adam and Steve” it makes people with that name sound like a joke.

That something is natural and is therefore good is something of an informal logical fallacy.

I agree entirely with your point. Most of what we do in our daily lives is totally unnatural, yet curiously not illegal. Whether homosexuality is genetic or a conscious choice or anything in between just isn’t relevant.

What matters is that it’s just no one else’s business.

I think the main problem most people have with homosexuals is not that it is “unnatural,” but rather that the bible is remarkably clear in condemning homosexuality. Of course, it is also clear in condemning shellfish and several other everyday things, so go figure.

technically, homosexuality ISNT unnatural… so long as you think that the presence of a chimp or penguin is unnatural..

just like humans… animals have their weird moments when they prefer their own sex.

this is not towards your question, though.

if god didn’t give us “free-will”… we’d be… crazy.. stupid… smart… stupidly smart… retarded…. black… white… asian… american… european… blah blah blah.

god gave us “free will”… period.

from an atheist who used to be christian who dated (and still dates) a muslim pakistani…

…..i say religion is bogus.

homosexuality SHOULD NOT be based on ANY religion… afterall.. what, or who does it hurt? no one except for the potential offspring of the participants, or the peope who believe in religious acts of terror…

so what if the “potential offspring of the participants” aren’t harmed… well.. they are reproducing either!!

i say lay off the gays… no matter what.

they like what they like.

accept that.. and maybe we’ll sendoff thefirst gay in space?!?

sounds like i’m parading something ridiculous??

how many “straight” guys would go into space with a “gay” guy, even if his testing was superior to the testing of any other “straight” guy?/

point is… homo-ism isn’t unnatural… penguins do it… if we do it.. then we are just as unnatural as penguins are…

which.. whoever believes that in heart must be stupid..

although chemical imbalances help towards the establishment of homosexualitiy… once imbalanced.. theres not much hope.

and… if you are “imbalanced”… you’re still “normal”… as you are a human being.. you deserve our rights… just cuz you’re gay.. so what?

i hope that my drunkeness helps you gays… i’m not gay… never will be… but i’ll fight to the death for your right to be gay… if thats what you REALLY…. REALLY REALLY REALLY (really…)…. REALLY want…. good luck guys/girls…

Homosexuality isn’t wrong. People are people and everyone deserves to be loved. You can’t judge someone just by who they are attracted to. This is what I dislike about religion: it plants ideas like this into people’s minds.

Every single homosexual I’ve met, I’ve liked 🙂 All people are right in ways and wrong in others, that’s why we’re human, right?

actually homosexuality is natural. but just because animals do it that way, does that mean it is ok? i thought we as humans were supposed to be above the animals. we act on reason not instinct. or we should anyway.

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