Housebreaking 9 week old Aussie?

I have a 9 week old Aussie who I am crate training. We are only in our 2nd day in to our relationship…I know we have a way to go. This is my first dog and I think we are off to a good start.
I take him out first thing in the morning then we come back he get breakfast in his crate. When he is done we go back…

Your timing is off. The rule of thumb is to potty the dog immediately after eating, drinking, sleeping or playing and about every two to three hours during waking time, on top of the others. As the pup gets older, you can add an hour for every month in age between regular outings.

You need to wait until he does his business outside about ten minutes after eating. If you need to play with him to stimulate his bowels to empty after eating, that is okay, but do not take him back inside until he completes his intended activity: going potty.

If he has not pottied and you must go back inside, place him back in the crate and try again in another ten minutes.

The crate is to teach the pup to control his urge to go potty and allows you to control the timing of his outings, It also provides a secure place for the pup to rest when you can’t supervise him so he isn’t getting into trouble by chewing on something he shouldn’t.

Australian Shepherds typically pick up housebreaking habits quickly, but I wouldn’t trust a pup to have unsupervised access to the house until after a year of age. They can spend longer periods of time outside the crate as they learn housebreaking, but they will still be prone to chewing, especially once they begin loosing teeth at four months of age. This destructive period lasts well to their first birthday.

Pups have to go all the time. After they eat and especially after they play. Luckily we got our dog during the summer. We just watched her like a hawk and took her out all the time. Every 15 minutes if she didn’t go the time before. She only ever had 2 accidents and both were by the door, so she at least got the point. Make sure going potty has a command. Otherwise it is just play time. I would also recommend at night schedule. We got our dog at 7 & 1/2 weeks and would set an alarm to go out every 2 hours at night. It sucked for the first few weeks, but again no accidents. She had a cage for the first couple of months, but then we just left the cage open and it became her bed. We kind of figure, because we always let her out, that she just knew to go only out there.
Best of luck with the new dog.

The crate only tries to control WHEN a puppy will have accidents. It is still up to you to stop the pup and take it outside when accidents happen.

There is only one way to house train a dog, TAKE IT OUTSIDE WHEN IT NEEDS TO GO! Taking a dog outside at any other time only teaches a pup that it is fun to go out and play.

Make sure you keep a solid routine with him, and soon, if you have a time for meals that you keep it everyday, he will adjust and be able to go outside and hold it in the house.

You can download a great guide to crate training here:

And yes, it is still early. Good luck!

puppies cant hold for long, you’re doing fine, don’t change anything aprt the times you go to take him out, make it every 15 mins if you can

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