How do i get free marijuana samples?

Without having to buy stuff first? :0 please answer

other names for weed… hemp, pot, cannabis, mary jane you get my flow

If you live in a state that has medical marijuana laws then you could get a medical marijuana card and be able to sample for free at dispensaries that offer Free Samples.. Also some dispensaries offer free marijuana to their members and sick people that are not able to pay for their medicine.. Or you could grow your own or help someone grow their own.. But this could be dangerous whether it’ is a legal grow or illegal grow.. Since it’s worth a lot of money people will try to steal it and rob you.. Also the police don’t really follow the laws anymore, especially when it comes to drugs.. Sometimes it’s just to bust people. But a lot of times it’s for the money = amount = value = worth – – same reason as the criminals. They don’t want to work to earn money to buy what they want – they would rather steal/rob – – even if they have to lie, cheat and harm others to get what they want… Never, never, never Snitch.. Snitching is not only dishonest – it is not moral. . Snitches get killed all the time ! ! ! ! ! !……. Good Luck…. Good question….. Be well…. Be honest….. Be good…..Be safe… Have fun…. Be HAPPY ! ! ! ! ! . . … …. …. Live..Learn..Teach..Smile..Laugh..Love

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