How do you feel if the government started to implant RFID chips into the human population?

For those who dont know what an RFID chip is its a chip that you can implant into your pet. it has the name, owner, and contact info, etc. some you can even track your pet down with. please give me some feed back i need this for a school project!!

Better off dead. I would move off the grid and live off the land.

RFID chips have little to no abilities for dangerous use. They are rather helpful, as they may be able to function digital dog tags (for soldiers), wallets (no more stolen bank cards), IDs, the probabilities are nearly never-ending. If the government tried to forcefully implant me, nevertheless, i might resist – a forceful implant would violate close to each proper i’ve. If the government provided RFID chips as a substitute than usual identification playing cards, i’d take one.

Too late, this is secretly happening all over the world already since infact since the RFID chip was invented!

There is no one pushing to do anything of the sort with people. It’s all a big lying HOAX.

The reason that such chips are put into pets, and won’t be put into people, is because pets cannot use a cell phone and call someone to tell them where they are.

This is a long debunked MYTH.

They Have Implanted America With An ILLEGAL President…

Why Not A Tracking Devise Inside Of People Next…

Last…REX’84 Camps…

(If They Get What They Desire)…

Hello I would love to help you on this project.
Through my understanding of what it is, this new idea is outrageous! I believe there should be a small government not a big one. The government is supposed to guide us in the right direction, not control us. It takes away everyone’s privacy and it’s almost as if we are being censored 24/7. This is just another way for the government to take our rights away, well as if we had any. Just like the great George Carlin said, “Our only right in this country is the decision between paper or plastic”

80 foot (25 meter) dinosaurs (man-eaters) are still alive today. They live under our level by the way. They will use sinkholes and lakes to come out to our level to play a game. Demons ride in UFOs. Don’t go into a UFO ship to be healed by demons! Aborted babies go to hell for 33.5 years to grow up there in the dark. Abortion needs to be stopped! New documents lead to hell. Reject the chip, the evil plastic small world grey passport, and the 666 tattoo by lasers from hell! Antichrist is an evil flying pale gay man with red eyes from the tribe of Dan. God is one. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man! Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only. Christ preached in hell; those who believed, got out of hell. Orthodoxy is the only Biblical faith.….……

There are a lot of paranoid conspiracy theories about them. Of course, there are a lot of paranoid conspiracy theories about every new technology. I’m old enough to remember that bar codes were absolutely, positively the Mark of the Beast and the fear mongers were saying that the government would require everyone to have one tattooed on their forehead by the year 2000.

I’m going to play devils advocate here and be in favor of this, why:

Less kidnapping
Easily find criminals

Oh no noone in my family will be getting those ever. Regardless of the consequences

theres no way they could without a major crisis and getting the population to accept it by choice … how do i feel about it .. i wouldnt, i dont need their stinking system ..

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