How would each zodiac sign respond to a compliment?

Whatever the compliment, how do you think each star sign would respond?this is what I can think of
Aries – “Tell me something I don’t know!”
Taurus – “Thanks and you look great yourself”
Gemini – “No, YOUR the cool one here” 🙂
Cancer – A warm but shy ‘thanks’
Leo -…

Shy smile?
Not really. Not unless I think of the person as above me.
I think of most people as my equal.
I usually just say thanks, smile, and go on my way.

Hi guys and gals! I am a sagittarius and I am sick of people saying we are blunt and just say what we think all the time, yes saggies are known for that and I do admit that I am very blunt with my replies sometimes (especially of it is with a person I don’t like lol) normally I say thanks and smile and say you look good too, but I often when people ask me something I don’t lie and say I like it because people need to know the truth and thats why saggies exist. My brother is a scorpio and he would most definitely say something like that because he would think it was akward and just be shy about it lol. My sister is an aries and would say that because she is very confident lol. My mum is a capricorn and she would say that and my dad is a libra but he wouldn’t say that.

Im an aries and i wouldn’t say that , im actually more shy, i blush, kind of look down, touch my face nervously and quietly say Thanks.

But, that could be do to the fact i am a pisces cusp and have virgo rising!

A Leo would say a quick thanks and then start glowing.
An Aquarius would thank you and then explain something to you that is somehow related to what you complimented. (ex: I like your shoes! Thank you. I got them on sale from
The Sagittarius one is off. They usually laugh heartily with their thank you. (I get where you’re going with the beer belly thing, but they aren’t forward and blunt immediately after receiving a compliment.)
I’m a Pisces and I think that one is off too. We will often be contrary and argue a little with the compliment and then try to give you a compliment that is better and more unique than what you said about us.

I agreed with almost all you said and added some more….

Aries – “Tell me something I don’t know!”
Taurus – “Thanks and you look great yourself”
Gemini – “No, YOUR the cool one here” 🙂
Cancer – shy ‘thanks’
Leo – “Well, I have been told that before…did I ever tell you about the time…”
Virgo – “Really?I don’t think so but thank you”
Libra – “Aww you guys make me blush”
Scorpio – “Uh..thanks!”
Saggitarius – “Thanks” – secretly they don’t beleive you
Capricorn – A polite “Thank you”
Aquarius – big smile “Thank you, that’s very nice!”
Pisces – a shy smile

If someone gives me a compliment it wouldn’t be “Uh..thanks!” lol, it be more like “Aww thanks/thank you” and say something nice back or something like that. Its nice to get a compliment 🙂

Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Aquarius Rising 🙂

I’m an Aries, and I’d either go:

“…You really mean that?” (I’m kinda cynical most of the time.) I can see the good in people’s hearts, but I look to see if your evil outweighs the good. Don’t normally trust people too often…


” *laughs* Thanks, friend!” (^_^) to my best friends.

IDK, but I’m not one to boast about myself like the Aries comment you said.

Mixed up a bit. I’m scorpio, and the polite “Thank you” is my usual response… I have unusual responses for special occasions, but there is rarely an “Um” in any of them.

lol im a virgo an i’d say just that and my dad [aries] would react that way 2

I’m a Scorpio and I would wonder what your ulterior motive was for paying me a compliment…

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