I don’t know what to do about my teenage daughter?

My daughter is 16 years old. and she is completely out of control. she skips school, smokes, and cuts herself. she has long curly hair which she dyed purple, she wears black eyeliner, ripped skinny jeans, band shirts, and vans. she listens to bands like bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada, i wrestled a bear…

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Has she ever been on any antidepressants? From personal experience, I would NOT recommend this kind of treatment. It will only mask the real issues and make them even harder to identify/solve. Has she seen a counsellor, maybe some family counseling? If you send her off to a counselor (alone) it can seem like she is the only one with a problem. It is helpful to have a mediator to talk with and having their “unbiased” opinion might help you both to see the situation more clearly. Finding your independence is something everyone has to go through, and everyone must find their own way to cope with the “real world”. It sounds like you are giving her plenty of freedom to do as she pleases and make decisions. The transition from “daughter” to “friend” is upon you. She is exploring the extremes and at least she is still under your wing- in case she really gets into trouble. And instead of getting mad, try to take a step back and ask her more questions. Find out her motives and she will be more willing to open up next time. She probably expects an angry reaction at this point, so your staying neutral will also help to stop this pattern. Since she is also a cutter, I would say there are some deep rooted emotional barriers that will have to be very slowly taken down. Your reaction of anger makes her distrustful of you, and she may not respect your opinion because of this anger. I know it is hard, especially when dealing with things you may not have even been curious about at her age. But with all the social media, kids are growing up much faster than you might think and she probably doesn’t even realize what she’s doing to you. Her focus is on becoming herself, and the more questions you ask her, the more it will make her think about her own decisions and why she is making them. Let her make some mistakes and hopefully she will learn some things on her own- before she turns 18. If she gets picked up by the cops, let them take her to jail, she will believe it when she sees it. Let her take responsibility for these actions and she will grow up strong. Be there for her when she falls down, but you have to actually let her fall down first, or it will just happen again. I wish there could be an easier way, but mama birds have to let their babies jump from the nest or they will never be able to fly!

Just let her know that you love her. She’s just going through a faze trying to find out who she really is. She’ll calm down. The only things that I see wrong about what she’s doing are the drugs, tattoos, and the kissing different people. But theres nothing wrong with kissing or loving girls, it just a bad thing to “do stuff” with many different boys and girls… A therapist would be good, but you still have to let her be herself. Keep that in mind.

Punishment will just make her act out more.
She need serious therapy from more than one perspective and person.
She sounds like someone who has a chemical imbalance, hormonal issues, deals with depression and self confidence issues.
Yoga, organic raw foods, and serious positive counseling/hypnosis may help. I know it sounds ‘alternative’, but it’s worth a shot. i’ve seen it do wonders. get her together with someone she can talk to about everything.
Please get her some real help.

Well, can you ‘force’ her to see a therapist? Can you make a deal with her? ‘if you do this i’ll do this other thing for you’
You may need to speak to a psychologist/psychiatrist about your options here.

Placement or counsaling will help a lot , i am a teen myself and i know from experience , good luck & i hope all turns out well

Let her be herself.

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