I tried jump a barb wire fence?

Okay yesterday i tried to jump over a barb wire fence, Silly i know and i reget it HAHA, but then something happend i think my leg got caught or something and i feel over now i have a long cut on my left leg that goes from my knee to my ankle, and other one on my right thigh, i didnt go to ED because the school…

You need to go to hospital and get a shot of the injection, anti tetanus

If you haven’t had a tetanus shot in a while you should really get one now. Tetanus shots prevent infection from rusted metals and such. If you don’t get treated you could get a seriously bad infection which could lead to lockjaw or worse.
If you have had a tetanus shot then you just need to really take care of the cut and keep it clean. Soak in the tub to loosen up the scab and slather it with antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Change the bandage once or twice a day until you see it healing real good then let it heal in open air off and on till completely healed.
Hope this helps and hope you get better soon.

It sounds like it may be infected. When the area around the cut is red that can indicate infection. Also, you should get a tetanus shot. This helps prevent infection, especially from items that are metal and dirty, which is what barb wire is. Infections can be very serious if not treated correctly, I am suprised the nurse said to do nothing.

ouch! Just put some peroxide on it and some neosporin type ointment. And bandage it. Then when you wake in the morning take the bandage off and let it air out. It should scab over. Then just keep walking on it and every night apply peroxide and neosporin type ointment so you don’t scratch it in your sleep. Maybe ice it. If after a few days you don’t see any change, see a doctor before it gets infected! and make sure you wash it everyday. soap, water, peroxide, neosporin, bandage, bed. air out next day. repeat. keep it up and dont pick at it. it’ll get better.

good luck hun:) and p.s. don;t jump any more barb wire fences. 😉

Hope you have some antiseptic on it as it may get infected; if it is long then a spray on may be better. I think the school office should have treated it and they have been negligent. If I was your parent I wouldn’t be happy with them. You may have to visit the doctors if it is infected too. Don’t worry about telling them what you did as kids do these sorts of things all the time; its part of what being a kid is all about anyway. They may tease you a little about it but it sounds like you need treatment, and the sooner the better.

clean up your wound with a good soak in the tub with soap and water. That’s a start. See what it looks like after you are cleaned up. Get a tetnus shot if you haven’t had one in 9 years. That will most likely require a visit to the ER and if your leg is really cut up they can look at it, if it’s not wash up your cuts twice a day.

Try applying a heavy drawing salve, like icthamol (sp?), or an antibiotic ointment, like neosporin, to the cut. If that doesn’t help, go see a doctor.

It’s a cut. Let it heal. However, if you start to have locking-up problems, I highly suggest you go get a tetanus shot ASAP.

Your leg could get infected.
Stupid school! Don’t listen to them. Go to the doctor.

From now on, throw a rug over the fence first.

And see a family doctor

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