If you had to Judge me based on my Looks.. what would be your judgement?

*Being vain* 😛

Category suggested: Society & Culture > Religion & Spirituality


You look like you love life, are spontaneous and fun to be with. You look optimistic and happy and you don’t look to bad either wink wink lol
Also, it looks like to me anyway, that you might be a little philosophical and tend to question life and its meaning or are very inquisitive and curious :]

What a random suggested category. Ha ha. I would say that you are a happy person because you are smiling.

That you’re very conceited and think you’re cute ans was hoping you’d get a million love letter type answers from girls which did not happen so now you’re disappointed.

You look like a friendly, happy person 🙂

Id say you were smarter than the average, don’t spoil it by becoming a reg on here 😉

You’re a nice pretty lady

you are sweet, friendly and happy, and like chicks ALMOST as much as i do, lol

I hate to judge since you ask…..always happy.

My computer is running kind of slow, what advice can you give?

Don’t spoil it by becoming a Reg, wtf..
Oh I see a regular. lol
You look like you would be fun.

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