Is it fair to say that Barack Hussein 0bama is a rank amatuer when it comes to getting things done…..?

…….For the betterment of the country as a whole?

The country is essentially on auto pilot. It hasn’t had a President since Bush left in Jan 08.

It’s fair to say that this country is effectively without a president.

Compared to WHO???

How did the last Republican President “get things done”? Was it the two wars he started but never finished? Remember the promise on the rubble of the world trade center that he didn’t keep. What yard stick are you measuring obama with?

No, it isn’t fair to say that only based on the fact that it’s just after his first year. Recovery doesn’t takes longer then that.

But of course to you WHINERS if the results aren’t immediate you deem it as failure. Well it took me 4 years to get through high school, so since I didn’t graduate my 2nd year I’m a failure? That’s the GOPer mindset.

Well, let’s see. . .water boarding? No. . .outing CIA agents? No. . .starting 2 wars he couldn’t finish? No. . .tax breaks for the wealthy? No.
No, I think yer dead wrong again!

He’s very good at reading what they’ve written for him. But leader, not at all.


No its not , He got BP to put up 20 billion,he must have done somthing right

No, most amateurs could do better than this.

his is in a crisis because he can now whine that we inherited this mess!!!

you can take the boy out of the hood…..BUT you cant take the hood out the boy !!!


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