Is it possible to block social media so it cannot be used by paedophiles and sickos?

No, but criminals are monitored and restricted in their use of the internet. Some are banned completely. Law enforcement can track their every move online, even when they do not buy anything.

And passive aggressive whiny racists. But then, who would use y/a?

No, but just as an ankle bracelet can be attached which restricts movement, so too, can one’s activity be monitored. Some of these creeps can certainly be required to register any and all devices they are allowed to use to communicate with the world, their telecom traffic is the property of the state which using AI watches for porn activity on the machine and network attached to those devices.

They step over the line and they are immediately incarcerated. It’s part of their probation.

No Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones would sue.

Only sickos would think about restricting other peoples usage of the internet.

Rush Limbaugh will just use his assistance’s phone.


Wishful thinking but Trump cannot be blocked that way.

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