Is this possible? Serious answers only please….?

Is it possible to have the spirit of someone around you who you don’t know? Let me clarify…I have been having a spirit around me and a psychic told me that the spirit is that of my exbf’s friend who has passed. She said that he has been around me because he wants me to get back together with my ex-bf because we…

Yes, that is very possible. Signs are shown to us every second of every day. Symbolism is the oldest language in the world and you would do well to decypher it when you can. There are spirits about you at all times, they are called your spirit guides, also known to some as guardian angels, but these are a different breed. If you still love your ex, it may be well to do so, but if you dont, just ignore it i suppose. Follow that little voice inside of you, it wont steer you wrong.

In an infinite universe all things are possible, so, strictly speaking, the answer to your question would be yes. That said, the fact that something is possible should in no way be interpreted as meaning that it’s probable or likely enough to be taken seriously. It’s more likely that, at some level, you want to get back together with your ex and are looking for outside validation of the decision. Rather than looking for spirits you might do better to take a look at your own feelings.

When i lived at my parents house i had two spirits hanging around me, one is a little girl, and the other (who’s a bit nastier) is a middle aged man. I can say with complete confidence that i have never known these people nor my family. So yes its possible. I believe these spirits were brought here by a spirit board my friends and i were playing with.

You know alot of things are possible,and if you did not give her to many info she might be right on some of the things .Spirits are people to remember they have feelings ,so id think he could be around you ,but mostly if Your Ex bf comes around or if you are talking to him..maybe on the phone.Spirits are a part of us and they will always BE.Your ex boyfriend might be missing you,and maybe that’s a way to help his friend,even tho he has passed ,he still their fro your Ex boyfriend especially if they weir close, probably they weir together every day?

It’s entirely possible that your ex-bf’s friend is contacting you…but as far as the psychic telling you you’re supposed to get back with the ex…it’s more likely that you’re supposed to let the ex know that the friend came through…it may have been her interpretation. It’s difficult to not have your own feelings come through when giving a reading. Usually it’s validation that they are still around, and maybe your ex needs to hear that.

Dead people will try to contact you. What you want to do is to communicate with them. Some “see” dead people and some are clair audio – hear them.
Clair audience is the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible. Meaning a psychic hears beyond the natural sense of hearing. He or she may ‘hear clearly’, and perceive sounds or words from spirits, guides, or angels or simply hear into your future in some mystical way
There are signs everywhere. Contact your ex, see whats up with him. Remember this person is an ex for a reason. Chances are what broke you up in the 1st place, its still there.
Also, was this psychic reputable? What was her specialty? Check the website I listed below for help with this.

Hi, I’m a paranormal investigator from Ohio. I can tell you yes, this is very possible. You have to remember, the Spirit world knows a lot more than we know. You and your ex are probably meant to be together, and his friend is just trying to let you know that.

A similar experience happened to a client of mine. Her and her ex had broken up, and his dead brother was haunting her because her and his brother were supposed to be together.

You should try contacting your ex and see what happens.

Good Luck Darlin!

There is a possibility, but I’ve never heard of any spirits pushing the living together before.

Don’t trust the psychic too much. They are charlatans who make a buck telling people things that they learn from observation and conversation.

It doesn’t mean she’s not right about you getting together with the friend. If you hadn’t volunteered that you missed your friend, she wouldn’t have picked up on it and fed it back to you in the guise of a spirit.

But is it possible that your ex-best-friends’ dead friend is hanging around you bugging you? That’s one of the least likely things I’ve ever heard. You feeling like you ought to do something for your friend is extremely likely, though.

sorry for the lost. well it is possible. because spirts even follow people for no reason at all. and this friend does. if u broke up with him then yes i beleive it is his friends ghost.ask ur ex to help u talk to the spirt togerther in a place only u 2 will be say stuff like the passed is the passed please leave me alone we ask u!!!

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