Is this* what we can expect from the Keystone Pipeline which will carry the most toxic Tar Sands crude?


Will it really help lower oil prices. The answer will always be NO.

Unknown. The EPA studied the environmental affects and approved the Keystone pipeline after about 3 to 4 years of study and approved it. Odd you trust them to control everything else but not this.

The joke’s on you, since tar sands oil is already being shipped to the US via train. The only difference is that oil shipped by train is more expensive and more likely to be spilled.

However, Democratic mogul Warren Buffett–who owns BNSF–appreciates your sacrifice.

If I were Obama… I’d demand the moon & the stars, in trade for that pipeline… Ultimately getting, just the earth…

Unrefined oil is a natural product of the Earth. Why do liberals name everything “toxic”?

Just keep saying to yourself ”oil is my friend Oil will not hurt me No need to fear oil”

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