Just in. Jeter will not play in this year’s All Star Game. Will all who complained he didn’t deserve it ->?

Will now be happy?

To start with, I think ANY player that gets voted in by the fans “deserves” to go, regardless of WHY he got voted in.
And I doubt this will shut any of them up. Most of them will probably complain that he’s letting down the fans by not showing up.
And speaking as someone who has seen plenty of players play in All Star games more as a result of a great career (Willie Mays comes to mind – an All Star in 1973 despite the fact he only played 66 games and hit a whopping .211 that season) than their current level of play. I think it’s a shame that people have come down so hard on him. My guess is that had he played for the Orioles, Padres or pretty much any other MLB team and had the career he has had, 99% of the boneheads who think he doesn’t belong would think that he should have gone. Probably more a reflection of a lot of fans general hatred for anything Yankee.

I now await the inevitable “thumbs down” I am sure to receive.

The Jeter and Yankee-haters are very unhappy at this decision. Now they can’t call Jeter selfish, and will have to find other things to bash him about. They also can’t complain about too many Yankees being on the team. Rivera won’t go because of injury, Jeter isn’t playing, and CC Sabathia, who is only leading the majors in wins wasn’t even chosen.

Jeter once again proves that he is a classy guy, unlike these idiots who bash him just for being Derek Jeter, and a Yankee.

The rest will do him good.

I don’t care who plays or does not in the ASG, but the silver lining here is, if Jeter does NOT reach 3000 hits before the break, he won’t be in Phoenix, depriving the baseball media of what they would (sadly) make the top story during the entire break, that of Quest 3000 and its being on hold. Without Jeter, they’ll actually have to pay attention to other players and the Derby and the Game and so forth.

Please, Jeets, get it over with.

It’s an exhibition game, though players should have the final say; even if they are selected….and that home field for the WS does not make things any different. And you can’t tell me if there was fan voting the last season Ruth played – Boston Braves and retired early in the slate – that he wouldn’t have been voted in as a starter…..fans want to salute legends, see their favorites and – many times – stuff the ballot boxes if the game is in that city.

Probably not. Honestly, saying that Jeter didn’t deserve the All Star nomination is just a simple statement of fact. I for one, however, can separate a class act like Jeter, from the countless classless Yankees fans that do nothing but vote up and down the lineup for Yankees in the All Star game.

i still think he is the best short-stop for the All-Stat Game and the best 2nd baseman for the All-Star game. but, if they are in the All-Star game they have to play their hardest. jeter d. is still getting over an injury and not all of the way healed yet. he can’t then be there…at least he played fair with the All-Star fans. i think he deserves to be there. i still say, “get him derek”, and he’s got him. i don’t know what everyone is talking about when they say bad=(jealous) things about jeter d.

Derek Jeter does not have all star numbers in 2011. Certain squirrels whose names we won’t mention were chattering in their trees when they thought that the AL Cy Young winners were undeserved the last two years. Just saying.

Yeah I’m happy now. Asdrubal Cabrera, Alexei Ramirez or Johnny Peralta will now take Jeter’s spot. Also A-Rod won’t play in the ASG something with his knee or ankle Is wrong with him I think.


Makes sense for a number of reasons, for one its nice to know that he is voiding snub, also he probably wants time away from all this media bombarding him every minute of the day concerning his 3000…

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