Lesbian? bi? straight?

Ok so im 16 and i havent had a bf in a year. recently many guys try to ask me out or get with me but i just reject them all cuz truth is, I HATE GUYS! i flirt with guys cuz i think they are all so ignorant for falling for me so easily and how dumb they are.
seriously i believe that all guys should die becasue…

if you dont like guys at all, i mean AT ALL lol, doesnt mean that you are gay or bi, BUT on the other hand attraction to same gender is something totally different, you are experiencing attraction right?, you measure a girl from head to toe, pay attention to her hair, and her eyes and find that really hot? well there you have it, you would have been bi if you were attracted to both genders, but you seem attracted to only women, there is a high probability that i am wrong but then again thats why im here, to answer lol, i hope you dont mind a guy answering your question dont u? lol

anyway good luck i hope things get clearer for you soon 🙂


you sound bi. but you dont know till you actually done something with a girl. so try it and see if thats what you really like. so dont worry.

i dont think u should hate guys…not ALL guys think that way! just the assh0les ur meeting!! lol
well..maybe u think ur lesbian…but i think u should stick with bi…then u can get GUYS and GIRLS!! 😉

hey!i dont think about sex….(not with girls),but you sound like my friend she gay and says the same thing you do but dont let this go to your head find the answer in your heart.
i hope you find you your slf,goodluck hun!!!

i think you may be bi but dont take my word for it if you think your bi are les go to a friend you is bi/les ask them to make out with you if you dont have friend like that go to a club for gays lesbian and bi

Why do you hate guys? Generalizing about them is not good – don’t be so blatantly alienated from them. They’re humans too and not all that different from females.

Sounds like you’re bi-curious, dear.

16.You do not making a descion that will have descions on your adult life.


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