Lexus gs 350 or 08 caddilac cts or 08 infiniti g37 what is better and why?

What car is better for someone who is 19 and lives in socal and want a luxury car and likes the whole DUB thing ( big rims and tvs and loud sound systems) but also want a car that is fun to drive ( not have to slow down at every bump and pot hole because of the big rims) basically it comes down to should i get a…

Did you think that if you ask twice that you would be better answers? Go Lexus, see reason the first time you asked.

Get a luxury sedan and drive slow. It is safer and you will get less tickets.

I think the Caddy will be best because it would be more unique. Today, most people are buying Lexus and Infiniti for DUBS and sound systems.
It would be nice to see something new.

That is a really personal question. You should go to and compare all three cars at the same time and decide for yourself. If you are buying a car to attract women, then you a re buying a car for the wrong reasons. You need to buy the one that you like best.

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