LGBT: What are 3 personality traits about you?

Just a boredom poll.

1. I’m usually very quiet
2. I have an odd sense of humor.
3. I’m nice to pretty much everyone.

1. Quiet and calm at first around people I just met.
2. Once people get to know me they find I have an unusual and somewhat offensive sense of humor.
3. I’m pretty much in my own mind all the time. I think about EVERYTHING.

1. #1 on your Top 25 Most Played playlist on your iPod/iTunes…etc.? i have no idea 2. a personality trait that you don’t like about yourself? Paranoia 3. a movie you would recommend me to watch? what is the genre? Prayers For Bobby Drama 4. a day in your life like? what? 5. your dream? o.O 6. your ethnicity/nationality/etc.? white 7. your obsession? boys and chocolate 8. the last thing you consumed? ummmm 9. something you do/must do every single day, that most others don’t? …. 10. your favorite food? Italian BQ: How are you guys/girls?! Aight you

1. I am very laid back.
2. I am non judgemental
3. I have a good sense of humor

1. I can be too prideful for my own good
2. I will always help out someone in need but will never ask for help in return (refer to trait 1)
3. I can’t do anything without cracking some random joke

1. I talk to anyone within reach
2. I adapt well to any situation
3. My unique sense of humor

1. I’m pretty shy, but very outgoing around friends
2. I have the situational awareness and hand-eye coordination of a bag of chips
3. I’m a total perfectionist

1. Painfully shy
2. Very easily frustrated
3. Quick tempered

1. Once you get to know me, I turn out to be quite weird and quirky 😛
2. I never curse. Ok ok… maybe I do now and then… but only when I’m by myself!!
3. I’m pretty independent when it comes to what I wear and how I act. Society isn’t gonna change me!

1.) I’m very shy but friendly once my shell is pried open.
2.) I like to doodle and daydream a lot…so imaginative.
3.) I love helping people feel loved and important. ^_^!

1. Masochistic humor
2. Creative, loves art & music
3. Romantic

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