Netgear/Belkin router connection conflict?

I am trying to connect my Netgear router to the same modem as my roommate’s Belkin router but we are having an IP address conflict…

The default IP address for mine is something like this:

IP address: 97.81._._
Subnet Mask: 255._._._
Gateway address: 97.81._._

And I have the option to put in a…

If you have a broadband modem (Cable/DSL) you can only hook up either the Netgear or Belkin router to the modem.

Here is what I have in the same situation.
First: DSL Modem ==>Connected to Netgear Router’s WAN port (Could put Belkin here instead does not matter, just make sure that only one RTR is connected to the modem)

Next: Configure Netgear’s local LAN side with an address schema like 10.1.1.x (Subnet Mask giving the Netgear the local LAN address of again using a subnet mask of

Next: Connect the Belkin Routers WAN port to one the ports on the back of Netgear, using a regular CAT5 cable. (Do not use a crossover cable!!)

Next: Configure the Belkin RTR’s WAN settings so that it has a manually assigned IP address using with subnet mask of and DNS as

Next: “TURN OFF” the DHCP section on the router that is assigned using the DHCP server settings on the router with the IP address (Having DHCP setup on both can cause problems in a small network like this)

Clients connected to the router will be assigned a DHCP address from the router with the address. All clients connected to either router should be able to access the internet and any shared resources on your local LAN.

If both RTR’s have wireless make sure that they each have their own SSID and security settings other wise you will have problems with wireless clients.

I would not recommend using the switch in this case as it will cause more problems then it is worth.

Netgear Ip Address Conflict

Funny thing to hear from a software engineer. Your laptop will not effect her. If she does not feel safe, from you or anyone else, there are many ways to protect the wireless signals, WAP/WAP2… There are many thing she should do, seeing as she is a software engineer, I dont understand why she is worried. If you question was about interference, then its trivial. But as long as you dont have the wireless routers within a meter of one another, you shouldnt have a problem.

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