New Hampshire state senated just passed a civil union bill, 14 to 10. How many states does that make now?

Is this a growing trend? How long before its nationwide? The Gov said he would sign it. It’s a great day for LGBT rights.

This will make New Hampshire the fifth state to offer civil unions or same sex marriage. Vermont, Connecticut, and New Jersey already have civil unions, while Massachusetts remains the only state having same sex marriage.

I think the voters would pass something like that right? 8 states have civil unions since 2005, mostly small New England states.

That is a great step!

I’m curious – do people celebrate civil unions as they would a marriage? Party, gifts, honeymoon and such? I know on Top Chef last year, on one of the challenges they catered a same-sex union but I wonder how common that is.

Y’all are behind the times.

In Canada it’s country-wide same-sex marriage under law.

Light a fire under yer butts people, you used to be leaders in this field, you led revolutions of sexual liberation that brought about modern GLBT culture. Now you’re stuck slowly following behind on the heels of the rest of the world. It’s just like your environmental policy.

The USA needs to become a leader again, and the sooner the better. Time to step up folks, your country used to be great, the leader in democracy and advancement. Now it’s stagnant.

Get out and change the world folks. If the USA begins to lead again, the whole world can change. It’s happened before, time to make it happen again!

4, 3 for civil union and 1 for same sex marriage.

juan man that’s some great news to hear dude, i give it 10 more years man, what do you think, before it goes down nation wide…..

i know the south will be the slowest, and i’m right in the middle of it, except florida,

i don’t know though, nashville is pretty cool, they have the nicest and largest gay bars, in the south, outside of florida, that city is nice, clean and it stays on top of things………getting to be huge too, downtown is skyline city with alot of sky scrapers…………

Washington State is about to do the same thing

Not sure now, but not enough states

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