Parents, do celebrities/movies *really* make you insecure?

There’s so much hype about the entertainment industry’s negative affect on the average person’s self esteem. But I can honestly say that (even as a kid/teenager) I never looked at a beautiful female celebrity and then felt bad about myself. In my mind, they aren’t…real. LOL I mean, I know…

Yes, they really do make me insecure. I KNOW in my head that women don’t really look like that, but my heart just can’t accept it. I hate it when I see my husband watching a tv show with a half naked girl on it that I KNOW he wouldn’t watch in a million years if the woman looked like me. He gets to see those beautiful skinny women all day long on tv and come home and look at me. What a disappointment he must feel. Even when I was 117 lbs in high school(when we met) I still had a little tummy and my thighs touched. I hate the way I look. I hate the extra weight, I hate the way my hair is never pretty, I hate EVERYTHING about my body. It’s not that I don’t try, I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I have the hardest time losing weight. I had my gallbladder out and it seems the weight just came out of no where. Then I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Then I was diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia. It just seems like I can’t get a break with weight loss. There have been months when all I ate was slim fast shakes and still couldn’t lose a lb. I could be on the elliptical for an hour and be fine, but no weight comes off. I worry so much about those images on tv and that my husband gets to see those beautiful woman. Why in the world should he stay with me when he there are women like that out there?

Not really ever felt insecure because of movies etc. As a teen I had my own reasons for being insecure but I don’t think any of them were in any significant way linked to the media – I would have had them regardless.

I do watch movies and sometimes wish I had some of the characteristics of some of the characters, but that only really lasts while I’m watching – I don’t sit there wishing I’m someone else lol!

BQ: Men I like are Brad Pitt (he’s kind of the old faithful – always has been, always will be hot!), Leo DiCaprio and there are PLENTY more but I really can’t think right now. Good looking women I think are Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba – again there are loads more but I’m crap at remembering on the spot. I’ve always though Isla Fisher is really pretty too.

I’m sort of like you, they are not ‘real’ LOL. I find amusement in Covergirl and the like advertisements that actually have a fine print saying “Lash inserts used and digitally enhanced” for mascara ads!
I actually feel more insecure just walking into my local supermarket. Australian woman are absolutely stunning. At least once a day I see someone who is so unbelievably gorgeous I can’t believe they are *aren’t* a movie star. I once lived on the Gold Coast which our version of Hollywood – and when you are constantly surrounded my 5″8 tanned, fake boobed, platinum blonde stunners, it can sort of bother you.
Meh, the perils of being a woman I guess. I have always been amazed how men can be soo handsome naturally. They don’t cake their faces with foundation and enhance their eyes before leaving the house, yet I see lots of men I regard as ‘beautiful’ – my partner is one, he has the longest eyes lashes and the most gorgeous, clear skin and to get ready for a night out, all he has to do is take a shower and chuck a bit of gel in his hair and he looks amazing. I am guilty of spending far too long getting ready only to still think I look like crap when I surround myself with other women.

BQ: I like Mila Kunis and Angelina Jolie and for men you can’t go past a bit of Brad Pitt, Sam Worthington, Christian Bale (Batman is my fantasy man LOL) and I have always had a soft spot for Leonardo DiCaprio since the Romeo + Juliet days when I was 12!!

Oooh for sure, I aspire to be just like Lady Gaga. I bought my very first meat dress today, and I’m working on a hat made out of tarantula sh*t!

Psh…no…I don’t *ever* remember getting all insecure over some chick on TV or in a magazine. Although, I must admit, more than once, I’ve dreamt that I was Cloris Leachman…’cause she just sounds like a hoot. 😀 I can only hope I don’t mellow out as I get old…I’d love to be as wack-a-doo as that lady when I’m 84. 🙂

BQ – Robert Downey JR is pretty hot. Freida Pinto could get in my bed anytime she’d like. He’s kind of not living any more, but I always though Kurt Cobain was hot…and the *young* Dave Grohl (not the old guy Dave Grohl…uck). And Rachel Maddow (in a totally not my type sort of way, yes, that’s right) and Amanda Seyfreid. I don’t really get the fascination with people like Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie…her lips are seriously disgusting…sexy my a*s.

Yes, seeing an airbrushed supermodel when I was younger made me want to be thinner, prettier, etc. Now that I’ve grown up, I realize that these pictures are fake and no one is perfect. It actually took me having my daughter to realize that I am ok with my body. I am never going to look like a Victoria Secret model, as much as I would like to:) I also think that’s something to teach my daughter. I will always let her know that she’s beautiful and always try to help her feel great about herself.
BQ: Actually have to agree with all your pics. I think Rachel McAdams is gorgeous! I have had a crush on Johnny Depp since I was younger! Also agreed, Shia Lebouf is sexy:)

First and foremost, I am not bragging. This is all personal experiences:

I worked in a deli after high school that was in a richy area of Beverly Hills (my moms friend owned the deli and that’s how I got the job) I met some really nice celebrities and some really snobby ones. I was very self conscious about being around them and I always wondered what they thought of me working here being an overweight girl, while all the other workers were perfect or what I thought was perfect. After working there and moving back from Memphis to California I worked on the Paramount lot, which I thought was the coolest thing, but its really just a job that pays crap. Anyways, I have met some really nice celebrities while working for Paramount and I know a lot of celebrity gossip as well.
I hate that celebrities think that just because they are famous that the world has to cater to them and they once were no ones starting at the bottom, but once they got to the top they turned into complete *******. I hate the way they treat their assistants and co-workers. This is why I would/could never be a PA (Personal Assistant)
I hate shows like TMZ and magazines about celebs because if they aren’t wearing make up and look like crap they get ragged on and its okay for them to look that way. Its insane. I hate that little girls and boys look up to some of the celebs and that everything is about them looking skinnier and if they gain 2 pounds they are considered fat. I seriously could go on and on…

BQ: Females: Kiera Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel.
Males: Alexander Skarsgard, Tatum Channing, and I love James Franco. He isn’t scared of sexuality and is accepting of any life style. He is very versatile…

I guess they kinda make me question myself. Like, why isn’t my hair, breasts, make-up and body perfect? But then I quickly realize that they’re airbrushed, have personal chefs, nutritionists, personal trainers, plastic surgeons, and hair/make-up artists at their beck and call. I’d be a perfect 10 if I had all of those luxuries, too.

BQ: I think Evan Rachel Wood is really pretty. Johnny Depp – oh yes, he is a hottie. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Ryan Phillippe, Ashton Kutcher, and lots more that I am forgetting.

Nope…not at all. I have always said if I had the money they do I could look like that too and its true. Most of the women celebs don’t look so hot without makeup and a hair stylist so there is nothing to be insecure about.

Women: Jennifer Lopez, Isla Fisher (love her hair!)
Men: Harrison Ford!!! ,Jack Gyllenhaal

I’m with you.

I’ve never seen one and thought “I want to look like HER!” Sure, I’ve taken a magazine with Jennifer Aniston on the front into the beauty salon and said “I like her layers..give me that” but I’ve never felt insecure from seeing celebrities.

Personally, there’s tons of celebrities that are butt a$$ ugly that for some reason people think are “beautiful” or “hot”. My top pick for that would be Angelina Jolie…there’s a difference between having gorgeous full lips and looking like you got socked in the mouth lol

BQ: Heidi Klum and Mark Wahlberg (when he was younger).

I am with KC…seeing celebrities does not make me feel bad about myself, our society has such crazy notions of what is beautiful. Being a single mom is not easy and I find that they are typically portrayed as life being “easy”…etc…yes there are the exceptions…but they always find the love of their life and live happily ever after. It drives me nuts!!!

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