POLL: Is it OK to kick your work colleague in the shins before lunch if they are planning on eating tuna?

I hate the ones who microwave their “aromatic to the max fish lunch with Tobasco Sauce all over it” and then make working in the building suddenly impossible…

Don’t they know we drink every night, and that aroma at the office the next day makes us want to hurl?!?

Whew looks like I would be safe to work with you. I would never eat tuna. Oh yeah it is more than ok. Kick them for me too.

Yes. Only if they are not going to share the tuna with your albatross.


If it keeps them from talking to you for the rest of the day, then yes it’s ok. Especially if they make their tuna salad with onions!

Then he must be outdated, reason he smells like fish to me. Or some thing’s fishy besides. i don’t consume fish. i’m too on the threshold of them in the gentic sense, being Canadian. puzzled? Me too. must be clubbing each and all the baby seals.

What Pocket said – we have a woman who brings in day-old fish and nukes it.

Why just before they eat it? I would add during and after.

Only on Wednesdays, unless of course your name is Frank, Edna or Sandy, in which case it is never okay. Obviously, if it is your half-birthday, you are excused and may kick at will, even in the balls! 🙂

of course tuna is disgusting

I am running as i am going to eat tuna, now oh i hope its not me……..

no dont kick. . just turn up the next day with boiled egg sandwiches,get them back.te he.and dont forget the garlic bread

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