Should Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens be first ballot hall of famers?

I’m a diehard Mets fan, and my favorite player of all time (Mike Piazza) is eligible for the hall of fame in 5 years since he retired this year. Unfortunately, my favorite player of all time might have to share this day with my 2 least favorite players of all time. With all the steroids drama, how likely do you…

I don’t see how Clemens would get in but Bonds not. Bonds hasn’t been proven(for steroids) but Clemens has. But they will probably not make it first ballot because the voters will be uneasy with uncertainty. But they could probably make it after a couple of tries.

Oh yeah. If Bonds hadn’t been accused of steroid use and linked to BALCO, he could be almost unanimous first pollHOFer. 3,000 hits has traditionally been an computerized cost tag to the corridor. So has 500 abode runs. Bonds hit way extra desirable than 500. McGwire, Sosa, and Rafael Palmeiro could’ve been computerized HOFers too in the event that they did no longer get caught cheating, through their club interior the 5 hundred HR club. same with A-Rod, nonetheless A-Rod remains enjoying, and as a effect he will have a huge gamble to freshen up his image somewhat earlier he retires (i don’t be conscious of if he would be able or no longer). Clemens replace into the main dominant pitcher of our era, so he could’ve been a HOFer too. As for Canseco, i do no longer think of so. He did no longer reah 500 HRs, and his profession particularly fizzled after the mid 90s. i think of he could have been a borderline guy even without the glaring steroid utilization, and that i do no longer think of he could have made it in.

Bonds has never been caught by anyone,, Clemens has be caught red handed… but the Hall is about whites players and White reporters.. I am sure roger will be in and bonds will not…Clemens is also a pervert..

They would have been first ballot guys had they not cheated. Now I doubt either will get in on the first try. I think Piazza would be close to Bonds in career homers had bonds not TOTALLY abused steroids.
Pretty sure the voting committee will punish these cheats even if Pud Selig does not.

Yes. Steroids or not, the statistics they put up are definitely hall of fame quality. Pete rose and Joe Jackson should also be in. It doesn’t matter what awful things you did as people, if you changed the game dramatically by being a star for two decades, you should be in the hall of fame.

Both would have been first-ballot HOF’ers without question if it were not for all the trouble they have managed to get into. At this point, I feel like they are both cheaters and fakes and neither should ever get in.

Hopefully both wait as long as “Shoeless” Joe Jackson.

if they cheated which we know bonds did and it is a very very good possibility clemens did then no way

Hopefully barry will

Clemens maybe, Bonds never.

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