Should I confront my friend once again, or leave it alone and keep my head up high?

I honestly can’t believe I’m asking this to yahoo, but this shows how desperate I am. I’m 17, and am a junior in HS. I wish I could tell you everything, and every detail of what I’m going through, but it’s just not possible. I will try my best to summarize everything, so you can give me honest…

Well there is an invisible friendship code: Don’t date someone you know your friend likes. But your friend didn’t have a problem with that when you 2 first started going out so that’s not a problem. I think you need to dump the boy for good because he tried something with your (supposed) best friend. What kind of guy does that? Does he love you? My guess is that he doesn’t. There’s no justifying that.

And your friend should be cut off too because she knew you two were an on and off couple and decided to fool around anyways. She didn’t give a damn. So why should you? She’s sounds really childish and if you guys were meant to be friends, things will work out but she’s gotta meet you 50/50 instead of letting you do all the work. If you want to sustain a friendship with her, have a one on one talk just to get everything out in the open. She probably still wants to date the guy if she’s getting all bent out of shape because of a hug.

I’m tempted to tell you to say “F*** you!” but it’s obvious you like her as a friend. I hope everything works out for you and for your sake, I hope this isn’t love between you and this guy because you all sound like you’re in for a life of drama. If you truly want to hang on to the guy, then you need to have a talk with him too.

Listen to this song. It explains what you need to do with this guy: Walk Away- Christina Aguilera. Drama aside, it doesn’t always rain. The sun has to shine at some time, so chin up 😉

If I wasn’t bored out of my mind at 12:38 in the morning and procrastinating a college English paper I have due tomorrow, no way I would have read all of that. I’d be surprised if you get many decent responses. You’ll probably get few or a lot rambling about how long you rambled. But anyway, I digress. You’re a 17 year old female in high school. That should basically be the definition of ‘drama’. High school is full of people who thrive off of other people’s lives and pain. Now you may like this guy, but if you want to be taken seriously, ask yourself one question. Do you see yourself marrying him and having a life with him? If you can’t seriously answer ‘Yes’ to that question within 10 seconds, he is NOT worth this. While I’m not saying your friend is the victim and deserves all your attention, this guy seems like the typical horny 17 year old. If you really want true love, save it for AFTER high school. Once you are out of that environment, life is a lot easier as far as drama is concerned. So my suggestion is that if you are looking for LOVE, not teenage lust, you either A) Find a guy/girl (I don’t judge) who you can see yourself with all your life no matter what, or B) Wait until you know what you want to do with your life before you even think about looking for love. Hope this helps. Email me if ya need anymore advice if it helped. Ha, it’s 12:44 now. 😛

Walk away from BOTH of them and just get away from the drama- any guy who goes for your friends isn’t worth it because the trust is gone. Any friend who likes your boyfriend/ex-boyfriend is not worth it. You deserve better people in your life because all of your current friends will just bring you drama.

Sweetheart, end attempting. If he hasn’t made a dedication to you yet, he won’t. you’ll be able to desire to bypass on and go away him on my own. improve your babies on my own. it is no longer that perplexing. i replaced right into a solo mom for an relatively long term and enjoyed it. Be pleased with your self for going to college and not in accordance with him. i’m sorry approximately your mum and dad. no count how old you’re, it nevertheless hurts. purely shop your chin up and purely undertaking approximately you and your babies. each little thing else will fall into place properly. you may unlike those places. yet, in case you’re ok along with your placement in life, no longer the rest concerns.

christ, girls are so stupid. they ALL cause drama and they dont even know it. the whole “YOU CAN LIKE HIM IF I LIKE HIM” rule is just retarded.
but after you dated him, he should have been off limits forever. tell her to **** off and get a new best friends, girls think they have best friends but they dont. so just find a new one.

u should shank her!!!! haha jk jk

you should confront her once and for all and talk about your issues.
this may not be helpful cuz me and my bff dont fight a lot… but atleast i tried! good luck!

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