Teens: Have your parents talked to you about sex?

I’m curious – studies have shown that teen pregnancy rates and STDs are on the rise, and I’m wondering how many parents talk to their kids about sex. One study suggested that as many as 40 percent of parents still had not talked to their kids, or it was too late. Be honest – if you are having sex or are…

My mom brought up the birds and the bees a few times when I was younger. I don’t remember her bringing it up much as a teenager. But I did ask questions from time to time. I do think parents need to bring up the talk often. Talk about condoms, birth control, etc. I also think the school system needs to talk about it every semester. Hand out condroms, even if the teen has no intention of having sex. Its just safer that way.


I’m not pregnant!

I was never given the sex talk by my parents, but my mom will ask every once in a while if I feel the need to do so. The answer’s always no. Sure, I learned the bare minimals from school.

But really, I learned most from the internet and more specifically this site. I know everything you listed, and more, if I’m honest (what STD’s can and can’t be blocked by certain kinds of birth control, for example)

I like to think I’ve got a pretty good head on my shoulders for my age (but then, who doesn’t?) but I do know lot of people whose knowledge of this sort of thing is kind of shocking, lol.

“Ok, if you learned about it in school – how much do you know? Like – how ovulation works, how birth control works, what is the most effective form of birth control, what happens during childbirth, and how abortion works?

Yes, all of that.

“How about emotional and physical repercussions from having multiple sex partners?”

How is having multiple sex partners emotionally or physically damaging? Emotional I can understand to a certain extent for the religious types and such but physically?

Sex is healthy you know so how it can harm you physically is beyond me.

Belgium though don’t know about American sex ED.

Anyway, my parents never talked to me about it. I don’t see the need for it. I have the internet to read about it(and I don’t mean porn by that).

I’m the intellectual type of kid not the emotional one so people blabbering to me about emotional damage are boring.

Over here most girls are on the pill so pregnancy isn’t really feared at all honestly.

“LMAO – have you ever heard of AIDS? How about STDs that can leave you infertile and unable to have children?? Do they have those things in Belgium? *facepalm*”

I thought we just agreed we knew about that. What stops people from getting checked up first? I know I did with every gf I had.(even with a condom, I still like oral :p, so it’s kinde “needed” for me :))

And I just said pregnancy isn’t an issue here. The pill FTW.

I’m sorry you think it’s dangerous or something but it seems unlike you I’m not retarded enough to take no precautions. I do take them making the statement that it is dangerous retarded.

Starting a car without breaks is dangerous too.

No, my parents have never spoken to me about sex. And, frankly, I don’t want them to. It would be awkward and embarrassing for both parties. I’m a virgin but if I were ever to start having sex I wouldn’t ask my parents for advice or whatnot. If I have questions, I’ll type it in google. After all, isn’t that what the internet is there for? Lol.

In year 6 (Grade 5, I think) we had a sex education lesson. It was mainly about girls getting periods and stuff, though.

I know the answers to the other questions though. Mainly through the internet and we also had a research assignment in biology that was about such things.

Emotional and physical repercussions? Um, no, never discussed and never researched independently, although I’m sure I can give a few educated guesses.

My parents never really had the “talk” with me. I think my dad would have been way to awkward about it, and my mom just tells me, “if you’re going to have sex, use a condom.” Then, here and there she’ll randomly ask me, “are you and tyler having sex?” I don’t think she would get mad if she knew I was, she knows that I’m on birth control, and I would hope she would know me well enough to know that I would always use a condom. She just says to me, “use a condom every time, you don’t want a kid right now.”
but to be honest, even if my parents told me not to have sex, I still would. At least I’m being safe about it.
I am having sex, and I’m smart enough to use a condom every time, and I’m on birth control.
I don’t think it really matters if parents have the talk or not. Kids are still going to do what they want.

I learned it in school when I was a freshman in high school. And I want to be a doctor so I’m always doing research.

Well I’m fifteen nearly sixteen and I have been with my boyfriends for two years and we haven’t had sex yet, but my parents have talked to me about it A LOT, a bit to much if you ask me. They are quite open about it which is good, because I know that I can always go and talk to them. They said that they would want me to wait but if I did not want to, they would support me. They even said that if I was ready I should tell them first so that they could take me to the doc. to get on birth-control to make sure im using protected…..they are honestly a bit weird cause sometimes when my boy friend comes over they say “here are condoms if you need them”.

– Maddie

My parents talked to me a lot about sex. My mum was really open about it and when I was about 12, she explained to me what sex was, and that it was beautiful and emotional yet that I shouldn’t have sex until I feel ready.
Now at the age of 15, I am in a sexual relationship with my boyfriend. My mother and I talk openly about sex, we don’t talk about the fact that I’m having sex, I haven’t told her yet, but we talk about sex generally without any awkwardness. Although I did recently asked my mother to come to the doctors with me to get birth control and she was hesitant at first, but she agreed, so I’m sure she knows I’m having sex.
My mum taught me a lot about the emotional side of sex and how it can damage or strengthen a person depending on the situation.
At school, I go to a British school in Belgium, we learn a lot about sex. We had sex ed in year 7/6th grade and then again in year 10/9nth grade and we learnt about the emotional side of sex, about masturbation, about oral sex, how to put a condom on (we used fake penis’) and we got taught all the different forms of birth control and then we also learnt about the dangers of sex. We got taught to enjoy sex because it’s a beautiful, natural activity, especially if it’s with someone we love, and that if we use protection, that we don’t need to abstain from sex as long as we know the possible risks. We got told that it’s okay to have sex. We just needed to be smart about it. We learnt what happens at childbirth in year 7/6th grade.

You need to know, that billions of people in this world have sex, without getting an STD. The whole world isn’t getting STDs you know. If you use a condom then you’re pretty much fine. If the condoms splits, you go get a STD test and treat the STD as early as possible. It’s perfectly natural to have sex. So you can’t worry your whole life about getting an STD, just be smart about it.

You have to understand that in Europe, sex isn’t morally wrong. Sex is a lot more open in Europe than it is in the States.

Any way, thats my story 🙂

No, nor do I need them to talk to me about it. I already know about STD’s, using protection and all that stuff. I learned about it in 6th grade and I did research (for the fun and curiosity of it) on my own. Also, I don’t believe in having sex while still in school. Either way, at my rate I won’t even end up with anybody to engage in those activities with anyway. (I have a sad life..) ;_;

I’m pregnant and yes my mom always talked to me about sex and std’s and pregnancy prevention. She got me on Birth control and bought me condoms when i needed them. She always told me she doesn’t want me to do it, but if she tells me i cant that id rebel and do it behind her back anyways. Now i’m pregnant and i did use protection EVERY time, but still, it happened, and now, my mother is very supportive in my choice to keep and raise my child.

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