Vegetarians and Vegans: How would you react if you found out a food you’ve been eating isn’t Vegetarian/Vegan?

Not something so drastic as finding a hunk of meat in the food, but something like finding gelatin or Vitamin D3 is in the ingredients list. Though if you wanna talk about finding a hunk of meat in a “Vegetarian soup,” go ahead–I’ve had it happen and it’s disgusting.

I actually had that happen last week. I (or rather my dad) bought some Vitasoy Calci-Plus soy milk, and it didn’t say it’s suitable for vegans but neither does their Soy Milky Lite version and it’s vegan. Anyway, I realised when I read the label that it’s fortified with Vitamin D3. It wasn’t a big deal, it’s an easy mistake especially since the label said “Suitable for Vegetarians” (misleading much?) so I just made a mental note of it and found their High Fibre version is just as healthy and still vegan. I don’t think there’s any point in getting uptight about things like that. If it’s an honest mistake you just move on and remember not to make the same mistake next time. 🙂

Grumble, toss the rest if it’s just one dish, or give it to someone else if I bought a big packet, then move along. I’d obviously commit it to memory and read the ingredients list more carefully if I bought other things from that company.

The one that annoys me the most is needing to explain that you don’t eat fish sauce/chicken broth in a restaurant. I’ve ordered off the vegetarian menu and wound up with a plate of pad thai that reeked horribly. Turns out it had fish sauce in it. Blech. Now I know that if I go to that restaurant, I need to say “no fish sauce” when I order, even if I’m ordering off the vegetarian menu. I wish there was a standardization of some sort.

Well i just found after (after eating toast with like an inch or nutella on it(i love nutella)) that it is not vegetarian. It has whey powder in it. I also found out that aero and galaxy and some other chocolate int vegetarian. I am so p***** off as other than that, i have been a strict vegetarian for years. I don’t understand why they need to put animal in chocolate to make it taste nice. Dairy milk is vegetarian and that’s just as nice. I am just very annoyed about it, as it’s not like it’s ‘chicken soup’ where you would expect it to have meat in it. But I’m happy as ALL pot noodles are vegetarian 😛

I try not to get too flustered. If it was an honest mistake, I just remember for next time. I have an ongoing list that I keep just in case I forget.

I found out that Worchestershire sauce isn’t vegetarian/vegan after someone mentioned it to me, something I occasionally put in my tofu marinade. Its not like I drove through Carls Jr. while hammered and gorged on a bacon cheeseburger. It wasn’t intentional.

It’s annoying but at the end of the day you didn’t do it on purpose. It’s not your fault and just get over it. But if your talking about a hunk of meat then that is completely different.

I try to educate myself on this stuff. But if I found out something I was eating/drinking isn’t vegan, I’d stop buying the stuff, naturally.

If I discover something like that in my food at a restaurant, I send it back and ask either for my money back or for what I ordered.

I’m new so just I’d commit it to memory for next time I go shopping and I’d seek an alternative. Like for some reason I thought apple turnovers with mock cream were vegan and ate two then found out mock cream had dairy in it. I was puzzled more than anything.

Yeah, I’ve had it happen a couple of times. I felt a tad mortified for a few hours, then got over it. I threw away what was left of the food, and never bought it again.

First I would like to point out to Lucy that whey powder is from milk, so if she drinks milk, she can eat Nutella-and eat milk chocolate as well.
I don’t eat meat primarily for health reasons, so I’m not even all that particular about things like gelatin-but I try to avoid egregious animal ingredients. If I find out something has animal fat or stock I would still eat it or try to exchange it for something else-I can’t stand waste-but I wouldn’t get it again.

I’d be upset for sure, but what else could I do about it but change it? So I’d eliminate it from my diet and find a substitute.

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