What is the ratio of christians converting to atheism vs atheists converting to christianity?

Just curious at which side is “winning” in that respect.

Christianity has a lot more to lose than atheism, at least in terms of numbers, so I would say Christianity is “losing”.

You Can Convert Unto A Belief But You Do Not Convert Unto An Unbelief, You Just Stop Believing.

Think about it:

Let’s say there’s a small town. 1,000 people are Christians. 10 people are atheists.

Let’s pretend that only 1% of Christians switch sides, while 10% of all atheists switch sides.

The ratio of Christians converting to atheists converting is 10:1.

The ratio that you want is *almost always* going to favor the minority. Simply: because if an average percentage of people (regardless of religious belief) convert, ALWAYS there are going to be more conversions from the larger group to the smaller.

Now: if you compare the **percentage** of Christians who convert to atheism with the **percentage** of atheists that convert to Christianity, I believe the numbers will favor Christianity.

– Jim, http://www.bible-reviews.com/

I doubt that a true Atheist would ever convert to Christianity. They may have called themselves Christians but were only Agnostic.

Obviously those converting to atheism weren’t really christians.

It depends on the nation. In nations going broke, Atheism is on the rise. In nations doing well, Christianity is on the rise.

Added: There is no such thing as an ex-Christian. It is not possible. It is exactly like saying “That is an ex-apple tree”. It is like saying “I used to walk forever, but then one day I stopped.”. These concepts are real only in the head of a slave. Someone serving nothing BUT vanity.

I love how Atheists hate the news. I’d thumb it down and hate it too if I was on the same chain of failure these fools live to serve.


I’ve only seen one person every go from Atheism to Christianity. Funny correlation, he fails all of his classes 🙂

The percentage of atheists that are former Christians is much higher than the percentage of Christians that are former atheists.

It’s really impossible to say who’s “winning”. I myself was a Christian and now i’m an agnostic atheist.

Somewhere close to 0-0.

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