What is your view on the Roger Clemens situation?

I really have none. I listen to a Boston area talk station at night frequently and last night the host’s opinion and that of most of the callers was that it didn’t matter if Clemens lied to Congress because Congress is full of liars, anyway. What do you think?

I think that it is absurd that tax money is being wasted on this ridiculous steroid controversy. The highest government of this country should never, ever have become involved. It is my opinion that if they want to find cheaters, maybe they should investigate their own a little closer…..Roger should have shut up a long time ago but that massive ego of his just kept him going and going and going. Typical of most professional athletes with their brains wrapped up in their bodies instead of their heads. And by the way, I find it a LOT more disturbing that he flew a 15 year old girl around the country to watch him pitch when he was a grown man..don’t hear so much about that.

The issue is using illegal performance enhancing drugs, if the federal government can bring up charges, they should, otherwise, save the tax payer $$$$. Government should be going after the crooks that have a greater impact on all our lives, like the those that run our financial markets and profited from the global economic meltdown.

But, no! Our power hungry congress see a way to show their constituencies that they are doing there job, so the masses relect them, and they can keep earning $ and influence for their retirements. Yes, I know it’s the executive branch prosecuting, but, it’s all about an individual supposedly lying to Congress.

Who cares if a baseball player did this in a mock, publicity driven congressional hearing. Why not do the same with the leaders of the oil industry, pharma industry, financial industry, etc. They didn’t lie before congress? Right!

I think Congress has a lot more urgent issues to pursue than worrying about Roger Clemens. But if he lied to them, what’s the deal? They lie to the American people every day.

It’s a witch hunt. When this went on there were no set rules about using these steroids. These incidents happened a long time ago. It makes me disgusted that the government is using old news and spending so much money to prosecute something that occurred years ago.
what is the point other than to show that again money is being wasted.

I’m not surprised if the evidence proves him as a ‘juicer’. Steroids were fashionable in his era but I consider the users as cheaters.
Baseball will send an unsavory message when/if they induct one of these into the HOF.
As far as lying goes … the former governor of Illinois (“Blago”) just got his hand slapped for lying to the FBI as the only guilt among more than 23 indictments.

I’d hate to have to try to hit his fastball, steroids or not!

Like Barry Bonds, he was so talented that he certainly didn’t need them. However, gaining an added edge and ‘ padding their numbers ‘ so they’ll have a better chance of setting records, reaching the Hall – of – Fame or extending their careers is so important to some these guys that they’ll do anything to get to where they feel they need to be.

Even when I lived in Boston I hated the arrogant bastid. I know it’s wrong to wish bad things on people but I make an exception for him.

I hope congress has jumped the gun and doesn’t have any solid proof that he’s lying. They shouldn’t be involved in this, especially when there are so many more pressing and important issues. I hope it ends up making an @ss out of them–at the least.

What a waste of taxpayer’s money.How does a professional athlete’s conduct impact the well being of The United States?

I agree with the callers.I like sports;but to make other people playing games the focal point of one’s life.C’mon.

When it comes to admitting illegal activity of any kind, it’s a given that people will lie about their involvment in order to avoid incarceration & implication of their souces & associates! DUH….he’s a survivalist. He’s learning how to play the game. This should be a lesson to all people who think it’s good to lie with no backup. Next time, just keep yer mouth shut!

LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS…<<<our parents taught us this little saying!

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