When it comes to illegal immigrant crime statistics in Arizona who should we believe?

Should we believe the Republican Politicians who are desperate to get re-elected, or law enforcement and FBI that actually know what is going on along the border?

It seems that AZ politicians have been putting out crime statistics that don’t match up with other reports, so who should we…

FBI and Sheriff’s that actually do the patrolling along the border towns. Don’t believe anything Sheriff Babeu says. He’s not a cop, he’s more of a politician and doesn’t even patrol a border town.

Déjà Babeu: Tipping the scales of the immigration debate, Fox hosts Republican sheriff 18 separate times

You may have also seen Babeu in Senator John McCain’s recent production, “Complete the danged fence.” In the campaign ad, Babeu and McCain walk along the border in Nogales, Arizona, and Babeu endorses McCain’s border security plan, telling him, “Senator, you’re one of us.” Those unfamiliar with Arizona might gather from the ad that Babeu is the sheriff of the county where Nogales sits. But he’s not. Nogales is in Santa Cruz County. Pinal County, Babeu’s territory, is not on the border:

ok it doesn’t really matter if violence and illegal border crossings are down you know why because there is still some violence and some illegal crossings and some illegals any where in this country. It needs to be stopped.

If lies fueled and help pass Arizona’s Immigration Law SB1070, I’m going have to rely on FBI statistics.

Crime stats test rationale behind Arizona immigration law

Arizona politician caught in lies about illegal immigrant crime

The nativist lies that passed SB-1070 – Border Violence is static

Arizona’s not “lying” but innumerate reporters are. And the officers quoted above don’t know and aren’t telling the whole story. Check this article showing that comparing rural vs. urban crime statistics shows an increase in crime along the BORDER.


THis is why we need to close our borders, using whatever force necessary to maintain a secure border. Deport illegals (illegal = criminal)

in 2008 e-verify in arizona was mandatory on all new hires, that flushed out a lot of those people which in turn lowered the crime rate. now we have sb1070 going into effect on july 29th and that should flush out even more. in 2007 the hispanic communities thru out arizona were out of control. crimes rates were off the charts. this is not rocket science tighten the noose around those people and the will take their filthy habits and culture somewhere else.

Anyone but you and liberals who love to spread lies and racism.

I believe Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county.

ROFLMFAO! Those Republicans probably have their own statistics that nobody knows of.

If you want crime reports in Arizona, go here: http://www.azdps.gov/About/Reports/Crime…

They all show that crime is down!

Arizona has to lie an order to make them self’s look good. When in reality they aren’t fooling no one. (well expect those who try hard to believe in Arizona)

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