Where do I go for a vacation for 2 weeks: America & Canada or Australia & New Zealand?

Or should I just go to each country separately?

For 2 weeks I would go to either Australia or New Zealand and not both.
I am from Australia and love it – friends have travelled New Zealand and said that it is lovely, a lot smaller than Australia and easier to see it all in a few weeks.
If you choose Australia (which I would recommend) You could only really visit 2 or 3 states in 2 weeks, if you try and visit more you wouldn’t be doing yourself justice.
If you had to choose I would say Sydney for a few days (as internationally you would normally land in either Sydney or Melbourne), another few days in Melbourne (you would kick yourself if you didn’t visit Melbourne) and then another few days on the Gold Coast or Alice Springs.

Depends on what you’re after. Australia and New Zealand have stunning landscapes and enough shopping places to keep you busy. But you’ll want to explore the outdoors when you’re there. America and Canada are similar but with more urban areas (esp in America) if you’re not into outdoors stuff.

Personally there isn’t much difference in these 2 since all their architecture is similar, both countries speak English and you won’t get too much variation. Travel is for really broadening your mind and seeing how other people live differently from you. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and really try seeing something new. You’re gonna spend that money anyway so make it a memorable time for you.

Australia and New Zealand. (its cheaper!)
Though America and Canada are great places and they offer lots of beautiful sites and places, you should still try Australia and New Zealand because there are places there that are superb and not found in America (e.g. the Great Barrier Reef)
Plus, if you go to New Zealand, you can see the location where Lord of The Rings was shot ^_^

cajensy the answer from tentofield is a good one. For two weeks only, pick New Zealand. You won’t see it all by any means but you will get a good look. I suggest you start at the Bay of Islands and work your way south, take in Auckland and the King Country, Rotorua and Waitomo, then to Wellington. Cross over the strait and get right down south for the fjords and mountains. Queenstown makes a good base for a lot of activities.

Australia. Awesome.

In two weeks I would try one country only. You could see a reasonable amount of New Zealand in two weeks, you would barely scratch the surface in the other three.

It comes down to what kind of vacation you desire. All four places offer much more than two weeks of activities. Give us more detail and we can offer better advice.

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Australia …

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