Who thinks a Saints-Colts Super Bowl, where both are undefeated, would be interesting to see?

If the Saints and Colts go 16-0, then meet in the Super Bowl… How many think that would be something to get excited about? (The concept of two undefeated teams, not necessarily THESE two teams)

I’d bet money ESPN might make a big deal about it….. maybe….. unless Favre retires again

<3 Mannings 🙂 ……are you serious? The Saints have beaten some good teams….the eagles, falcons, giants and dolphins. Besides, even if they played nothing but losing teams, they’ve still outscored their opponents by 165 points, they have the number one offense in both yards and scoring, they lead the league in takeaways and defensive touchdowns. The Saints have so much phenomenal depth on both sides of the ball they still won their last four games despite injuries at key positions and turning the ball over multiple times and having to come back from behind. Sorry if I seem abrasive at all. It’s just that I’ve been a Saints fan my entire life and I just think that people should acknowledge that they are the absolute best football team in the league right now and quit trying to fabricate reasons why they’re not. : )

One more thing….the Saints are going to show everyone just how good they are when they dismantle the Pats this coming Monday and silence all those who oppose the WHO DAT NATION!!!!

That would be amazing to watch.
Even during the regular season, games played by two undefeated teams are exciting games.
I’m disappointed that the Colts and Saints don’t play each other in the regular season. I’d love to see that game, but maybe we’ll get to see them in the Super Bowl if the other teams like the Patriots, Broncos and Vikings can’t quite make it.

The prospect of two undefeated teams in the Super Bowl is a historical event that I as a football fan would love to see, the teams notwithstanding.

IMO, anyone who wouldn’t get excited over such an event needs to trade in their favorite NFL jersey for a cooking apron.

Saints Are gonna Win A Superbowl For The First Time!

I’ve just gotta comment that every old school Saints fan is cringing if they are reading these boards, (I know I am…). It’s considered a jinx to mention the words S**** B*** and the Saints in the same sentence! Let’s just be thrilled that we are 9-0 and hope for 10-0 today, anything more is considered bad mojo and will have Buddy D very angry with us and he will shake his fist up in heaven at us and call us squirrels.

the only thing more exciting, would be if Peyton were a Saint !!!

Saints are only undefeated because they play sucky teams….once they play good teams then we’ll see.

Sorry, but I wouldn’t be excited unless it was epic.

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